Valentine Messages for Boyfriend across the Miles

Valentine day Messages for Boyfriend across the Miles

A girl might have a boyfriend who resides miles away. They may be of different countries or faraway places in the same country. The communication for the couple where the boyfriend stays across the miles, the funny valentine wishes can be sent through text messages and gifts for him can be sent through courier to make him feel special. Here are Happy Valentines Day wishes messages for boyfriend that you can use and send to your loved one.

Find exciting samples of valentine’s day messages to convey to the boyfriend living across the miles and show your love:

Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend

“Your smile, your touch and your nice words for me make me miss you every day. Sending you warm Valentine’s Day messages to my long distance boyfriend. Enjoy with your friends this year, hope you come back soon. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“You may not be here with me but you are in my thoughts, my dreams and I just want to stay there with you in your arms forever. Sending you these warm messages on this Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine Day Messages for Boyfriend across the Miles

1). You are sitting across oceans where my touch cannot reach you but my feelings can…. I love you and I will love you for all my life because you complete me in the most beautiful way… Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day my love…. I pray that we meet soon to celebrate this day.

2). Valentine’s Day is a reminder of the most romantic times we had…. A reminder of how you pampered me, how special you made me feel, how beautiful you made this day for me…. I miss you a lot on this day… With lots of love and kisses, I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day.

3). Though I cannot hold your hand, hug you tight, kiss your lips but I can still feel your warmth even when you are miles away…. On Valentine’s Day, I just want to tell you that you are my world and I miss you on this day even more…. Happy Valentine’s Day my sweetheart.

4). Happy Valentine’s Day wishes for my boyfriend living across the miles. I send my love for you and hope our relationship becomes much strong and lovelier each day.

5). Wishing my boyfriend across the miles a happy Valentine’s Day. Let this day of love be a special one as we cherish the moments spent together over the years in our relationship.

6). I wish my boyfriend across the miles a happy Valentine’s Day. I look forward to you joining me soon for the party next weekend since you will be away on the romantic day.

7). Sweet Valentine’s Day wishes to my charming boyfriend across the miles. I send you this beautiful token of love and hope you would treasure it with all your heart.

8). Valentine’s Day wishes for my boyfriend across the miles. The beautiful day of love just got more cheerful with the news of your homecoming soon my sweetheart.

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