Relationships Break Up Messages to a Loved One

Relationships Break Up Messages to a Loved One

The best relationship break up messages to the loved one conveys the end of the relationship with the loved person. The wishes can be sent through text messages for the cute loved one along with notes for him or her. The funny relationship shared between the persons may be any cordial one.

Such messages convey the break up of the relationship with our loved ones. Below are some sample messages that can be sent to your loved ones.

1). I never meant to break your heart. But my feelings for you are not the same. It’s better for both of us if we end our relationship here.

2). I regret being in a relationship with you. I loved and trusted you but you were not worth it. I am breaking up my relationship with you.

3). I don’t love you anymore is what I want to say. The love has lost because of you. You never bothered about me and today I want to let you know that it’s the end to our relationship.

4). I can never be the one who you want me to be. You never loved me the way I really am and I cannot change myself for you. This is why I have decided to end our imperfect relationship.

5). This message is to inform you that we no longer can carry on our relationship like this. We did love each other but things have changed now and so have our priorities. Its better that we move apart.

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