Sympathy Messages for Sick Friend

Sympathy messages for sick friend

A sick friend needs love and care from his or her friends. Sending sympathy and get well soon wishes for the friend would help a lot to know that he or she is cared for by friends and there are always friends around by for help. The sympathy wishes can be sent through text messages or wishes video clips.

Show your sympathetic side to a sick friend who is recovering by sending from the samples of sympathy messages:

1). To my sweet friend, I extend my sympathies for your sudden sickness. I am sure you would recover soon and get back to work in time.

2). This text carries sympathetic wishes to my sick friend who has been ill for a long time. I hope you would recover soon with the good treatment and be back to normal life.

3). Through this text, I would like to offer my sympathies to my sick friend. I also send fruits for you and look forward to seeing you in better health soon.

4). To my sick friend, sympathies for the major illness you are suffering from. I hope the treatment is making you better day by day and send all my love for you.

5). This text carries my love and sympathies for my sick friend suffering from pneumonia. I pray to the Lord to bless you with good health and to help you recover fully soon.

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