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Sample Sympathy Messages

Phrasing your feelings and thoughts into sympathy messages is often very difficult because you don’t know what to write to express your emotions. Selecting the best words and then framing them into effective sentences can be a tough task. To help you frame warm and heartfelt messages, we have created a few condolence message samples and examples that will help you put your feelings in the most expressive manner. These messages strike the best balance between the emotions and words by consoling the bereaved.

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Son

Losing a son is no doubt the most serious loss to the parents. They spend all their lives around their son to help him grow, teach new things and be his friends and mentors for life. No message can console such parents who have encountered the biggest loss but here is a sample which can do the best.

“Though he has left our lives but he will always be there in our prayers and thoughts. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies.”

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Sister

A sister is your best companion since childhood with whom you have always shared your room, secrets and sweets. She is always there to support you when you need it the most and also to nag you when it is the least expected. She is the reason for your laugh.

“Finding someone like your sister who was your first friend leave you alone is one of the biggest shocks. May your soul and heart find peace and comfort.”

Sympathy Messages for Loss of a Father

No matter how old are you, having the hand of your father on your head makes you feel protected. Losing such an important person in your life to death takes away a lot more than just a person.

“Though death has taken away your father but nothing can take away the beautiful memories and blessings of this beautiful relation. We will always remember him in good spirits.”

Sympathy Messages to Coworkers

Coworkers come next to your family with whom you share the maximum time of your day. From working together to shouldering responsibilities to other, there are so many opportunities and challenges you face like a team. In such sensitive times, sending sympathy messages is must.

“We are always there to support you in these tough times when you have encountered such a heavy loss. We will pray to God to give you the strength to move on.”

Sympathy Message for Loss of Pet

A pet is a lovely companion for a human being to which one gets much attached to. A pet can be a dog, cat fish, bird or any other animal which a person loves much. The loss of a pet leaves much grief and sadness in the life of the person. As such, sympathy wishes for the death of the pet can be sent to console and lessen the grief of the person.

“Dear friend, I am extremely sad on hearing about the loss of your pet. I extend my heartfelt sympathies and hope you recover the loss soon.”

Sympathy Messages to Deceased

Every person is important to different people in different ways. But when death comes, it takes away so much. You don’t just lose a person but you also lose all the warmth, affection, care and concern that relationship had in it because of that person.

“No words are enough to express the void that has been created by the demise of such a lovely person who was so important to all of us. Accept my sincere sympathies.”

Sympathy Messages to a Colleague

Working together with someone creates special bonding. You not just spend hours together at work with your colleagues but you also share your meals, ideas, thoughts with them. Losing a colleague to death is a heartfelt loss.

“We had spent great times working together. I had found a friend in my colleague whom I am going to always miss. May his soul rest in peace.”

Sympathy Messages to Family

When someone departs, he leaves so many people behind who have always loved him. It is a serious loss to all family members to whom the person was special. Nothing in the world can compensate their loss or reduce their pain.

“No one has any control over death. The one who has left us in grief was a life to us but now all that we have are his beautiful memories. He will always be in our prayers.”

Sympathy Messages to a Best Friend

During the tough times, your best friend expects to hear some consoling and comforting words from you which can make them feel better. It is really a challenge to pen something warm and comforting.

“No word can reduce your pain or lessen your loss. But always remember that I am there with you all the time. “ 

Sympathy Messages for Clients

Professional or personal, all relations are important in life. When you lose a client, you lose an important professional relationship which existed for years with that person.

“It was truly a pleasure to have worked with such a wonderful person. I hope that God gives you strength to come out of this loss and move ahead.”

Sympathy Messages for Teenagers

Death of a teenager in family is very heartbreaking and no words can express the loss. From parents to family, friends to teachers; it is a great loss to everyone as the colorful life of a blooming bud ends.

“It is really a tough time to face such a heavy loss in life. But life never stops for anyone; smile because deceased will always be there in our memories.”

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