Sympathy Messages to a Best Friend

Sympathy Messages to Good Friend

The sympathy wishes for the best friend can be sent through cards and text messages for the best friend on the loss of his or her loved one. The sympathy messages sent to the best friend would soothe and comfort the person on the loss of the loved one. The sorrow and sadness would lessen a little with the sympathy wishes sent to the best friend and his or her family. One can send sympathy wishes through condolences cards and also record the condolences and sympathy wishes on a DVD and send it to the best friend. The friend can reciprocate with thank you wishes for the friends. In addition to that, sending condolence notes for the family members along with sympathy wishes for the best friend is also a good idea. Following are some of the sympathy messages to a best friend sent in different ways:

Sympathy Messages for Friends Father

The sympathy wishes are sent to the best friend when he or she loses the father. The loss of a father is painful and leaves much sorrow on the life of the best friend. As such, the sympathy wishes would soothe friend and lessen his sadness of the loss of beloved father.

“Dear best friend, I extend my sympathy wishes and condolences to you and your family at this difficult time on the loss of your beloved father. I pray to Lord to give you support and strength during this tough time.”

Sympathy Messages for Friends Husband

Sympathy wishes along with condolences notes for the best friend are sent on the loss of the husband. The sympathy wishes can be sent through video clips on a DVD with support notes also for the best friend. The loss of a husband is extremely painful for a wife as she is left all lonely. The sympathy wishes also shows the best friend there is support for her from her friends.

“To my best friend, I send sympathy wishes and all my condolences for the loss of your husband. I pray to the Lord to give the departed soul eternal peace and give you strength to cope up with the loss and get back with regular life.”

Sympathy Messages for Friends Mother

The loss of a mother is a heartbreaking moment for her children. As such, sympathy wishes and support from friends help a lot in overcoming this grief and sad period. The sympathy wishes can be sent through cards and text messages for the best friend.

“I am extremely sad to hear about the untimely demise of your mother. I send all my condolences and sympathy wishes for you and your family on the loss of your mother. I also pray to Lord to give you all the strength you need.”

Sympathy Messages for Sick Friend

A sick friend needs love and care from his or her friends. Sending sympathy and get well soon wishes for the friend would help a lot to know that he or she is cared for by friends and there are always friends around by for help. The sympathy wishes can be sent through text messages or wishes video clips.

“Dear best friend, it is very sad to hear about your sickness. I extend my best sympathy wishes and hope you recover from the sickness soon to be back on track with good health.”

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