Sympathy Messages for loss of Child, Baby

Sympathy messages for loss of Child, Baby Condolence Messages

There is nothing more traumatic for parents than losing their child. It is the most sensitive time and finding the right words to send sympathy messages in such a situation is very difficult. No words can soothe the hurt hearts but still you have to send sympathy messages for baby loss to express your feelings in words. Send condolence sympathy messages for loss of baby girl and baby boy to parents to tell them you are there in these tough times with them.

Here is a warm collection of sympathy messages for loss of child and kids. With the newest collection of sympathy card messages for death of child or grandchild, send your condolence. When you are finding yourself at loss of words, share these sympathy wishes for loss of child.

Sympathy Wishes Messages for loss of Child

I am extremely sorry for your loss. There is no need to say goodbye because heaven is a place which is not far.

Never let your memories fade away as they are the place where your heart will always him. May God give you all the strength to get over the loss of your child.

Your child is not there with you physically but he will always stay with you in every moment of your life. May you find comfort and peace in his memories.

Extending my deepest sympathies on loss of your child. Close your eyes and you will find him with you always.

Sympathy Messages for loss of Baby Boy

He was the apple of your eyes and the hope of your lives. Now his memories will fill the void created by his absence.

Please accept my deepest sympathies on loss of your baby boy. You may have lost him but the connection you have with him will always be there.

Don’t let his absence take away the joy his memories bring to you. May your baby boy rest in peace.

Death leaves you with a void and pain that nothing can heal except the memories you have for your baby boy.

Sympathy Messages for loss of Baby Girl

She was the reason for all your smiles and joy and now when she is not there, don’t make her the reason for your sorrows and tears.

Sending my warm sympathies on loss of your baby girl. She was probably the cutest baby and let us remember her like that.

Though she left too early but she has left with a beautiful bunch of memories that will add fragrance to each day of your life.

She will always be the princess to you. She will always rule your heart. She will always live in your memories because she is very special.

Sympathy Messages for loss of Grandchild

Death could have taken away your grandchild but nothing in this world can take away the memories you have of her.

Sending my sincere condolence on the demise of your grandchild. May your find peace and comfort in her sweet memories.

It is probably the biggest and toughest loss in life to get over but always remember that your grandchild will find peace seeing you happy and smiling.

In these difficult times, you will always be in my prayers. May the pain of absence of your grandchild heal with the beautiful memories.

Condolence and Sympathy Messages for Baby Loss

Losing a baby is nothing less than losing a life. Please be strong in these tough times because your baby would never be happy seeing you in pain.

Please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of your baby. You and your baby will always be in my prayers.

Sometimes it is difficult to find answers to some questions. Your baby is not with you but your baby will always live in your heart.

Close your eyes and you will see your baby smiling and happy and that is probably the best place to keep in touch with him.

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  • Truthspreader July 6, 2022, 4:37 pm

    My hurts for these people there some people that have lost a son or daughter and it feel is if part off your soul has been torn way

    Then On the other hand you have failures that terminate their pregnancy and the second to 3rd trimester because they were not going to get the child they wanted because it’s a child they were getting was the wrong one

    one day Mayrn Lea myrick got pregnant and then in the third trimester she found out her baby was going to have Down syndrome then she terminated her pregnancy in the third trimester killing a baby then Mayrn Lea myrick bought a casket for the murderd gift form God so she can tell everybody She miscarried lying about terminating her pregnancy

    sense Mayrn Lea myrick lied about Aborting in the 3rd trimester Practically killing her daughter Sophie and slapping God in the face for her yes for Telling her yes I don’t know if Mayrn Lea myrick can be trusted around Down syndrome children or adults so if you can please spread the word so we can keep Mayrn Lea myrick away from anyone with Down syndrome Mayrn Lea myrick dos not need to be around children or adults with Down syndrome I am afraid she might call them R or say they are Mistakes of nature I don’t want to scare you I don’t want to scare anyone I just want you to be if you have a son or daughter with Down syndrome I really Believe maryn should not be a allowed at Buffalo wild wings Olive Garden or waters edge i’m afraid to see my go walking in One of these places saying the R word She has said the R word in public before I remember when mayrn came into
    Razzoos cajun Café
    one time saying the R word

    She bought a cask for her gift form God and lied Saying she miscarried so she knew what she was doing was wrong someone needs to spread the truth please help I don’t know what she is capable of doing

    If you can maybe you can get her to call everybody she knows and explain exactly why she did what she did and maybe even FaceTime hub mother-in-law and apologize for the pain she has put her through

    Mayrn Lea myrick discriminate against anyone with Down syndrome she tells son to stay away from and not associate with Any one who has Down syndrome

    I don’t think mayrn lea myrick should be allowed out in public she might say some nasty things she has before and she will again
    Maryn Lea myrick it’s sick in the soul

  • amanda ray mccullough April 12, 2023, 9:03 pm

    MY 2 son baby boy was going die before so sick that why happen to me about long long time so i hate my doctor tell me about my baby boy than so sad. because i don’t know what ask about really know be gone. well I think so get mad my doctor tell my pregnant before last year in 2022. I be alone with my baby boy forever.