Sympathy Messages for loss of Stillborn Baby

Sympathy Messages for loss of Stillborn Baby

Giving birth to a stillborn baby is heartbreaking for the family and especially for the parents who were so eagerly waiting to welcome their baby into their lives. If there is a friend or a relative in your family who has lost a stillborn baby then send them sympathy messages to console them in these difficult times. Share with them sympathy messages for loss of child which perfectly express your feelings into words. Write them messages for consolation for loss or baby or miscarriage with the collection shared in the post.

Here are some of the most heart touching sympathy messages for loss of stillborn baby to share and express your sympathies.

Sample Sympathy Messages for loss of Stillborn Baby

1. It certainly feels like the world has shattered but we cannot change what is written in our destiny…. Let us pray that the soul of the baby rests in peace.

2. Although it is extremely difficult to look beyond the sorrow today but I pray that God gives you enough strength to get over these tough times.

3. We are very sorry for the loss of your stillborn baby. Losing a baby is like seeing your world breaking into pieces. In these tough times, our heart aches for you.

4. May be your child was very dear to God and that’s why even He could not stay without him for long….We wish that our prayers help you recover from the hardship.

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5. No words can soothe your soul on losing your baby…. We just wanted to tell you that you and your baby will always be a part of our prayers.

6. I wish there was some way I could ease your pain, in some way I could comfort your soul…. May God is always there with you to come out of these tough times.

7. I have no words to express my sympathies to you and your family….. But all my prayers are for you and for your stillborn baby…. May he rest in peace.

8. Mother’s love for her baby is beyond time and conditions, it grows with each passing day, even after the death of her child…. Keep him alive in your memories.

9. He has left you with a lot of pain but in these difficult times, remember the happiness he brought into your lives…. May his memories give you strength to move on.

10. He promised to bring so much love and happiness along but destiny had some other plans…. Even these hardships are not going to stay forever.

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