Sympathy Messages for Loss of Cousin

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Cousin

Cousins are like best friends with whom you share the happiest times, with whom you share your secrets and who are partners in your crime. If some of your friend, co-worker or acquaintances have lost a cousin then you must send them condolence messages or sympathy messages to express your sympathies. Sympathy card messages for loss of my cousin are right here for you to share.

With the most heart touching and genuine sympathy messages for loss of cousin, you can send a few words of concern and care to someone who has lost his or her cousin.

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Cousin

1. I know that your cousin was also your dear friend and his death has come as a very big shock to you…. I will pray to God to give you strength in these difficult times.

2. Cousins are the ones with whom we share the most beautiful memories of our lives and that is what your cousin has left for you to bear with his absence.

3. It came as a shock to me when I heard about the sudden demise of your cousin…. She was an amazing person and she will always be missed.

4. I pray that each time you think of your cousin, you feel better because he always brought so much happiness along…. In deepest sympathy!!!

5. Hearing about your cousin’s demise came as a shock to me…. She will always stay alive in your memories and your smiles…. Keep smiling for she is watching over you.

6. Wishing you all the comfort and peace in such tough times….. May all the sweet memories give you all the strength to have this time pass.

7. There is nothing in this world that could compensate for the loss….. Always keep smiling for your cousin is going to live in your memories.

8. No words can express the bond you and your cousin shared and no words can express your loss of losing him…. In deepest sympathy.

9. I wish we could bring back your cousin but the only thing we can bring back his memories…. May God give you all the strength to face these challenging times.

10. Death is inevitable and we cannot do anything about it… But the good thing is that the people leave us with beautiful memories to give us strength to live life in their presence.

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