Sympathy Card Messages to Coworker

Sympathy Card Text Messages to Coworker

A co-worker needs all the love and care during the loss of a loved one, which you can select and send from the sympathy messages listed below:

1). Dear co-worker, through this beautiful card I extend my sympathies for the death of your cousin. I hope Lord gives you the strength to overcome the loss.

2). To my co-worker, extending my sympathies through this card for the loss of your mother. I hope you sail through this rough time with all the courage.

3). Through this card, I extend my deepest sympathies for the loss of your mother. I pray to the Lord to bless you with love and support during this time.

4). This picture card carries my sympathies for the co-worker on the death of your father. I pray the departed soul rest in peace and your family gets all the support in this difficult time.

5). Loving sympathies for my co-worker on the loss of your pet through this card. Your pet was a wonderful companion and I hope you overcome the loss soon.

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