Spiritual Messages of Encouragement for Death

Spiritual Messages of Encouragement for Death

Spiritual messages of encouragement on death are words of sympathy with an intention to offer comfort to those who are grieving. If someone you know has lost a loved one then send warm and compassionate messages to help them face the tough phase with strength and positivity. Given below are a few sample spiritual text messages of encouragement for death which can help you in this regard.

1). Death is not an end to life but a beginning of new life which is invisible to mortal eyes. May God give you strength to face the tough time and pray for life beyond death.

2). The cycle of life enters a new phase with death when the soul puts on new clothes. Let us pray for salvation of the soul. And may Almighty helps you move ahead in life.

3). The spirit cannot be destroyed. It is everlasting and with death, it passes from one life to another. May God protect it and help it attain salvation. May God bless us all.

4). Death cannot take away the sweet memories. Death cannot destroy the moments lived. It can just take the soul from one journey to another. Let us make this journey more meaningful.

5). Our life doesn’t end with death. We always live in the hearts of people, in their memories and in their prayers. Let us pray for those who have left us and remember them in our memories.

6). Life is uncertain but death is not. Anything that exists is going to perish one day. Let us accept the rule of Almighty and respect it. Let us remember those who have left us with a smile.

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