Spiritual Messages of Encouragement for a Friend

Spiritual Messages of Encouragement for a Friend

Life is a constant struggle. There are happy times but there are times when you feel discouraged and lack hope. This is the time when you need motivation and encouragement to fight back. If your friend is undergoing such a phase then send him spiritual messages of encouragement which can infuse him with new hope and optimism to begin his life with energy. Use these sample spiritual messages of encouragement for a friend which will help you say everything you wanted to.

1). Every difficulty comes with an opportunity to learn something new. My dear friend, you are a fighter and with your strength you can do wonders. Don’t let these failures affect your strength.

2). The best way to win life is to act. Do not sit and let clouds of rejection weaken your strength to fight back. Remember pal, success comes to those who have the courage to fight.

3). No matter you could not achieve what you aimed for. Do not forget that the game is still on and you can still play and be a winner. All you need is the courage and change in attitude. So get up!!

4). Time is never the same. Efforts never go waste. Don’t give up when your dream is so close. Nothing good comes easy and you have the strength to achieve what you have aimed for.

5). Difficult jobs come only to those who have the potential. You are no ordinary man and you can do what you want. So show the world your real power and abilities. Don’t lose your hopes now!

6). Even if you have fallen seven times, you must stand up the eight time. Life is not for losers, it is for winners. You, my friend, have the ability to be a winner. Go and grab what you deserve.

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