Sample Encouragement Messages

Encouragement Messages

While chasing our goals and horsing around, all of us experience clouds of despair and dejection hovering us. A few words of encouragement and motivation like encouragement text messages work as a great dose of zeal and inspiration when you are feeling low or you come across some sad news. To extend an encouragement message, there has to be some kind of relationship with the person but there is no hard and fast rule. Sometimes even a stranger can infuse us with some valuable advice or a motivating thought which can give us new hope to fight back with the situations.

Encouragement Messages for Students

In this competitive world, students face various challenges at academic and emotional front. Along with great advice, they also need encouragement from teachers, parents, siblings and peers so that they can do wonders in their studies and otherwise.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So never lose hope and sit down in vain, instead get up and get going.”

Encouragement Messages from the Bible

Bible is a rich source of encouragement messages of various types which guide you and inspire you to be a better person. Pick us interesting and inspiring preaching from Bible and share them with your friends, family and co-workers via text messages.

 “All those people who are wise shine like a firmament but all those who guide many others to  follow the right always stay in the sky and shine like bright stars.”

Encouragement Messages for Friends

A good friend has the onus of being a confidant, mentor, listener and also an inspirer. There are times when one of your friends is undergoing a rough phase and he needs encouragement and boost to give his life a new direction and live it with more enthusiasm.

“Never lose head in success and heart in failure. Every failure is a lesson that gives a new ray of hope for you to fight back and perform.”

Encouragement Messages for Exams

Exams are challenging times for students when they need to concentrate on their studies and maintain a healthy mental balance. These are the times when they need encouraging words from their parents, teachers and siblings that can infuse them with vigor and hope.

“Exams are the testing times. Put your heart and soul into the preparations so that you can deliver your performance with confidence and enjoy great results. No pains, no gains.”

Encouragement Messages to Employees

In order to bring the best out of your employees, you must motivate them with encouraging words so that they can set higher goals and be successful in achieving them. Such motivating messages have a very positive influence on psyche of a human.

“You are an important asset to the organization. Your hard work and dedication has always contributed to the success of the company. Keep up the good work and add more success stories with your name.”

Encouragement Messages for Boyfriend

Everyone faces some low moments in their life and being a girlfriend you must encourage your boyfriend to face these rough patches of life and emerge as a winner by motivating him with heartfelt encouragement text messages.”

“If you have a will, desire and passion to do something then no circumstances can stop you from achieving what you want in life. So shed all the negativities and begin fresh.”

Encouragement Messages after Death

Encourage your loved ones to move on with life after the death of a close person. The death of a person leaves ones devastated and feeling empty with grief. As such, encouraging the person to move on with the good work and regular life activities would give him or her strength in overcoming the loss. The encouraging wishes can be sent through text messages for the person.

“Dear friend, I send this text to encourage you to move on after the death of your father. Your life still has a long way to go and I want you to carry on the good work of your father.”

Encouragement Messages for Husband

As a wife, you must support and comfort your husband in tough times by showing him the brighter side of life so that he feels energized and motivated to fight back against the circumstances and emerge as a winner.

“You are the hero of my life and I know you can achieve all that you aspire for. Don’t feel low because of these little failures because I am sure in the end you will win like a hero.”

Encouragement Messages for the Sick

Unwell person always needs consoling and comforting so that he can have a speedy recovery. Encouraging text messages work as a great medicine for the sick by infusing them with positive energy and hope.

“The best way to fight with illness is with positive attitude and regular medication. Forget about what is happening around and just concentrate on resting and recovering faster.”

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