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Sorry Text Messages

Sorry messages are sent to people to ask for forgiveness for any wrongdoing or misunderstanding caused. It is a way for seeking pardon and humbled forgiveness for any wrongdoing. They can also be sent through a social networking site for the concerned person. Let us see some of the best examples of sweet sorry messages sent to different people:

Sorry Messages for Wife

In a husband wife relationship, there are often many misunderstandings which crop up in various issues. Such issues require sorry messages to ask for forgiveness on the part of the husband if he is the cause of it.

“Wife, I am really sorry for causing this misunderstanding between us. I hope you will forgive me and be back to me like before.”

Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

In a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, often many misunderstandings occur on their way. As such, the girlfriend should always seek for forgiveness if she is the cause of it.

“I am really very sorry my love. The misunderstanding caused will soon be resolved and won’t occur again. I hope you will pardon me forgiveness.”

Sorry Messages for Husband

Certain wrongdoings or misunderstandings between a husband and a wife often occur for which seeking forgiveness is a must to keep up the relationship.

“I am sorry sweet hubby. I would soon solve the misunderstanding and be with you again like always.”

Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Often misunderstandings crop up in the relationship of a girlfriend and a boyfriend due to minor issues. As such, forgiveness should always be sought by the person concerned for good.

“I am really very sorry for making this misunderstanding go worse. I hope you understand and pardon me for the same.”

Sorry Messages for Friends

A quarrel, argue or a misunderstanding between friends often occur for which forgiveness seeking between them is a must for things to be like before.

“Friend I am really very sorry for the argument yesterday. I hope you will grant me forgiveness and understand the situation.”

Sorry Messages for Classmates

A fight or an argument is a common thing between classmates. As such, they should apologize and say sorry for their wrongdoing which would strengthen the friendship bond between them. The sorry wishes for the classmate can be sent through texts. One can also send gifts to show the care and love for the classmate.

Dear classmate, I am much sorry for the mistake I have done and apologize for the same. With a huge loving heart you have, I hope you would forgive me soon.

Sorry Messages for Not being able to Attend Wedding

In some cases, the invitees in a wedding might not be able to attend a wedding due to various personal and professional reasons. As such, the invites should best seek forgiveness from the bride or the groom and state the reason clearly.

“I am really sorry my friend for not being able to attend your wedding solely because of a meeting out of station. I hope you understand.”

Sorry Messages for Love

In a love relationship, small misunderstandings might lead to major issues. As such, the persons in a relationship should seek forgiveness by sending cute text messages and solve the issues before they become much problematic.

“I am really sorry my love for the misunderstanding we had yesterday. I hope you understand the issue and resolve together soon.”

Sorry Messages for Sister

Between siblings, it is not a major issue to have fights and arguments. However, one should seek forgiveness sending I am sorry messages to keep the relationship going strong soon after a quarrel or an argument.

“I am really sorry sis for fighting with you yesterday. Hope you understand and pardon me for the same.”

Sorry Messages to Boss

In an organization, miscommunication and lack of work often leads to issues between employer and the employees. As such, the employees should seek forgiveness to avoid being the relationship turn sour.

“I am really sorry boss for coming late again today as it was due to a ritual at home. I hope you understand.”

Sorry Messages for hurting

Often knowingly or unknowingly people tend to hurt others due to various reasons. As such, on realizing, one should seek forgiveness with sweet words sending I am sorry messages to let the relationship going strong and better.

“I am really sorry my friend for hurting you with harsh words. I hope you understand my situation and pardon me.”

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