Sorry Messages to Boyfriend

Sorry Love Messages to Boyfriend

The sorry messages for the boyfriend are sent to the boyfriend to ask for forgiveness or apologies for any wrongdoing or for hurting the boyfriend. The sorry messages should be written with chosen heartfelt notes which should express the true essence of seeking forgiveness from the boyfriend. The messages are sent through text messages to make the boyfriend feel good. Following are some of the samples of sorry messages to boyfriend examples sent in different ways:

Long Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

The long sorry messages are long length ones which are sent to the boyfriend for seeking forgiveness. The messages are long as they are written with notes along with the words describing the sorry seek. The messages should depict the true essence of the sorry seeking by the girlfriend.

“For my love, I am very sorry that I hurt you yesterday by mocking at you in front of everyone. I am very ashamed at myself and feel guilty that I have done that though I am still perplexed at my own action. I seek forgiveness from you and hope you will forgive me for the same.”

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Heart touching sorry messages is written with heartfelt words of choice which touch the heart of the boyfriend and seek emotions from him. The messages would make the boyfriend feel emotional and would make him forgive the sender girlfriend. The sweet wishes can be sent through text messages.

“My love, whenever I did anything wrong, it was you who forgave me and showed me the right path and your support has given me the light to the tunnel end. I am sorry for the mistake and seek forgiveness from you for the wrongdoing. Hope you will forgive me and show me the right action this time.”

Sorry Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Ex boyfriend is someone with whom one was in a relationship earlier. The ex boyfriend and girlfriend may still be in contact and for any wrong action; she can seek forgiveness from him through text messages. The funny messages should depict the proper essence of forgiveness seeking.

“To my ex boyfriend, I am really sorry that I made a huge loss for your work because of me. I am really very sorry and feel much guilty for the same and seek forgiveness in front of you. I hope you will forgive me for my wrongdoing.”

Feeling Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Feeling sorry messages tell the boyfriend that she is still now feeling sorry about the wrong deed she had committed time back. The best messages express the feelings of the girlfriend and her essence of the forgiveness seeking.

“My love, though it’s been days about that past incident of hurting you I still feel sorry and ashamed about that. I am very sorry and again seek forgiveness to you for my wrong deed. I hope you will forgive me.”

Sorry Love Messages for Boyfriend

Sorry love messages express the love feelings as well as the sorry seeking words from the girlfriend for any wrong action of hers. The messages can be sent through text messages for the boyfriend to make him feel the essence of it.

“For my sweet boyfriend, I seek sorry for my misdeed of hurting you yesterday and I seek forgiveness for the same. I really love you a lot and ask for forgiveness with my deep heart. I hope you will forgive me.”

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