Feeling Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Feeling boyfriend sorry messages

Feeling sorry messages tell the boyfriend that she is still now feeling sorry about the wrong deed she had committed time back. The best messages express the feelings of the girlfriend and her essence of the forgiveness seeking.

Following are some best examples of sorry messages to let the boyfriend know you are sorry and guilty:

1). Dear boyfriend, I am feeling extremely sorry and ashamed that I have hurt you with harsh words. I hope you will forgive me soon and take back me as your love.

2). For my boyfriend, I send this text letting you know that I am feeling sorry for the painful incident yesterday. I could have forsaken it but want a chance from you to make it up to you.

3). This text for my boyfriend to let him know that I am feeling much sorry. I should have never abused you in front of your friends and I seek forgiveness for the same from you.

4). Through this text, I would let my boyfriend know that I am feeling sorry for the loss I have caused. I seek a chance from you to rectify it and make up for the grave loss occurred.

5). Dear boyfriend, this is to let you know that I am feeling very sorry for everything. I never hoped that my childish behaviour on your birthday would hurt you so much and seek forgiveness through this sorry wish from you.

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