Long Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Long Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

The long sorry messages are long length ones which are sent to the boyfriend for seeking forgiveness. The messages are long as they are written with notes along with the words describing the sorry seek. The messages should depict the true essence of the sorry seeking by the girlfriend.

Following are superb examples of long sorry messages for the boyfriend to choose and send:

1). Dear boyfriend, I am extremely sorry that I have hurt you with my harsh words. I seek forgiveness from you for my mistake and promise to never do it again.

2). To my sweet boyfriend, I send this sorry wish and ask forgiveness for the misdoing yesterday. I hope you will forgive me and continue our love together again.

3). To loving boyfriend, heartfelt sorry wishes for you through this text. I am sorry that I conducted that mistake and hope you will forgive me to give a chance for the rectification.

4). For my cute boyfriend, sorry wish with gifts for you. I hope you will accept my apology with love and give me a chance to make it up to you.

5). This text carries sorry wishes for my dear boyfriend with love. I am much in despair over the hurt I have caused in and ask forgiveness for the same.

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