Memorial Messages for Grandmother

Memorial Messages for Grandmother

The loss of the grandmother, the senior lady of the home creates a major gap in the home. The grandmother showers love and care for the grandchildren and all the other members of the family by her cooking skill expertise and make delicious feasts for them. As such, the loss of the grandmother leaves grief and sadness for the family members.

Here are some of cute memorial messages for grandmother with sample.

1). For my lovely grandmother, who was my best friend I will always miss you. Through this memorial wish, I remember you today and pray to Lord to bless you with eternal peace wherever you are.

2). I send condolences to all my family members. My grandma is no more with me but I will always remember her. May Lord give your soul eternal peace.

3). You are no longer with us, grandmother. But your love and memories will always be in my heart forever. I pray for her eternal peace and send condolences to everyone in the family.

4). Sending my heartiest condolences through this memorial wish. I remember you today and always and pray to Lord to bless you eternal peace wherever you are.

5). Through this memorial wish, I remember my grandmother who was my closest companion. I miss you grandma. May Lord bless your soul with eternal peace.

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