Memorial Day Wishes to Employees

Employees Memorial Day Wishes message

Memorial Day, originally called as Decoration Day, is the day of national remembrance dedicated to all those who died serving the United States of America. This day everyone honors and remembers the selfless services and sacrifices made by the army men. This is surely the sweetest and most thoughtful way of honoring all those soldiers who died fighting for the nation, who gave up their lives in order to bring glory and freedom to their nation. Every year, the last Monday of May is celebrated as an honor to the veterans and army men and women.

Have a look at the beautiful collection of latest Happy Memorial Day 2016 sample wishes and wonderful text messages which you can use to wish your employees. These inspirational messages are a way to remind them of the contributions made by the soldiers gave away their lives for us.

1). On Memorial Day, let us remember all those who gave away their comforts and lives so that we can enjoy 365 days of our lives with our family. Wishing you Happy Memorial Day 2016.

2). Memorial Day is not a day to honor just the veterans but it is also a day to honor those who lost their lives. Sending you warm wishes on Memorial Day 2016 to thank all those who fought for the country.

3). On this day, let us remember our blessings in form of soldiers and veterans who give away everything to provide us secure life. Happy Memorial Day 2016 to you and your family.

4). As I think of you on Memorial day, I wish to celebrate this day which honors the spirit of great nation USA and the glory of army men and women. Happy Memorial Day 2016 to you.

5). Memorial Day reminds me of the amazing spirit of peace and freedom which is a gift from the soldiers to the countrymen. Warm wishes to you and your family on Memorial Day.

6). Let us thank all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to bless our lives with peace and joy. Let us bow our heads and honor their sacrifices by remembering them. Happy Memorial Day 2016.

7). Let us never forget the true meaning of Memorial Day which is the most special day in America. Let us honor and remember all the soldiers on this day. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.

8). Lucky are those countrymen who have soldiers sacrifice their lives for them. We are truly lucky to have born in a country like America. Let us thank for this blessing. Happy Memorial Day.

9). Today, let us come together to celebrate the heroic sacrifices made by our soldiers which brought us peace and happiness. Sending warm wishes on Memorial Day 2016 to you.

10). Let us remember and honor all the soldiers who fought for us, have gave away their lives for us and kept us safe. They contributed in bringing happiness to our lives. Warm wishes to you on Memorial Day.

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