Love Note Day Wishes Messages for Her and Him

Love Note Day 26 September , Love Greetings Messages

Love Note Day is observed every year on 26th September. It is an unofficial holiday which motivates everyone to send beautiful notes loaded with love and feelings to someone special. It is a day which reminds us of the importance of love notes which have now faded. Celebrate National Love Note Day 2023 with short love notes for girlfriend, sweet love notes for boyfriend. With such cute little love notes for him and adorable romantic love greeting messages for her, say it all!!!

Browse through the collection of sweetest I Love You messages , Love Note Wishes, Love Note Quotes, Status Messages, Greetings, Images to share on Love Note Day with your beloved. Share these lovely sweet love notes with your someone special on Facebook, WhatsApp as a beautiful surprise.

Love Note Day Messages

“In this era of technology, writing a love note to someone you love is the most special thing to do…. Wishing you a very Happy Love Note Day.”

“Love Note Day reminds us that there is nothing in this world that can replace the warmth and love of a love note… Happy Love Note Day to you.”

“Let us celebrate the Love Note Day by sending a note full of love, expressing our thoughts and feelings to make it a memorable one!!!”

Sweet Love Note Day Messages for Him

1. I thank God each and every day because he has blessed me with a boyfriend like you who is so loving and caring…. I love you my darling…. Best wishes on Love Note Day!!!

2. On the occasion of Love Note Day, I want to express my feelings to you in writing…. You mean the world to me, you are my pole star….. Love you always.

3. My smiles are brighter and my face is glowing when you are around, such is the magic of your love…. Sending my love with this sweet note I am writing to you on Love Note Day!!!

4. I truly love this day because it gives me a reason to write a love note to the man I love and tell him that is the reason for my existence…. Love you forever!!!

Short Love Messages for Girlfriend

5. I always used to wonder that do dreams come true, but now when I look at you, I know that dreams do come true!!!

6. Finding you has been the most special finding of my life because you are my life and my happiness…. Love you my darling!!!

7. With such an adorable girlfriend like you, each day of my life I feel so blessed and happy…. Love you baby.

8. I thank God, I thank life because they have given me the most special person to me…. I promise to love you forever my sweetheart.

Sweetest Love messages for Boyfriend

9. When I look into your eyes, I see my world…. I promise to always be by your side…. Love you my man.

10. With a boyfriend like you, each day of my life is special because you are with me, making it a beautiful one.

11. Every time you hug me, I skip a heartbeat…. Every time you say you love me, my heart melts…. Such is your magic!!!

12. Life has become more beautiful since the time you have arrived in it and I have started to live better with you around.

Daily Love Notes for Her

13. The definition of love for me is you…..I love you and I promise to love you till my last breathe…. Thanks for coming in my life!!!

14. She is the most special woman I have met and she is my life…. Sending my love to the lady who resides in my heart!

15. You came in my life as a stranger but now you are an important part of it because you are the one who rules my heart.

16. A sight of you makes me smile, a smile of you fills me with joy…. You are the reason of my happiness.

Funny Love Notes for Her

17. You have hijacked my heart and my feelings and I cannot think of anything else other than you.

18. With a woman like you in my life, I cannot afford to look at other ladies because you are the prettiest.

19. Life is no longer a challenge because I have you with me, the bigger challenge…. Love you.

20. I don’t tell you how much I love you because I know that you know how much I love you!!!

Romantic Love Messages for Her from the heart

21. Whenever I start my day looking at your smiling face, it turns out to be the best day for me because you are my lucky charm!!!

22. You came in my life and brought along the lady luck which has made my life so much more special.

23. With you by my side, with your love in my heart, I know I can win any challenge…. Thanks for bringing out the best in me.

24. When I have you with me, I don’t need anyone else because I know that I have the best person with me.

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