World Goth Day 2024: Funny Memes, Jokes, Messages

World Goth Day Funny Memes, Goth Day Jokes, Messages

May 22nd is observed as World Goth Day. This day is dedicated to the community of goths around the world and gives the dark lovers an opportunity to celebrate. This occasion calls for sharing World Goth Day memes and funny World Goth Day jokes with everyone around you. Remind everyone of this unique day with funny and dark memes to share with everyone.

We bring a fantastic collection of Happy World Goth Day messages and wishes to share. Post these amazing World Goth Day greetings and memes on your wall across Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to wish everyone.

Happy World Goth Day Messages

“Cheers to the dark. Cheers to the love for black. Cheers to the goth community. Warm wishes on World Goth Day to all.”

“There is a dark side to all of us but not all of us accept it and appreciate it. Wishing a very Happy World Goth Day.”

“We have just one colour in our wardrobes and it is the perfect black. Let us make this World Goth Day special. Warm wishes on this special day.”

“Goth has its own beauty but not everyone has the eye to see it. Sending warm greetings on World Goth Day to you.”

“Some people don’t even like darkness because darkness lives inside them. Wishing a very Happy World Goth Day.”

World Goth Day Jokes

“There is something strange about feeling miserable and people call it goth. Happy World Goth Day to everyone.”

“I always wear a black colour in order to remind you to never ever mess with me because I am already dressed up for your funeral. Happy World Goth Day.”

“It is always better to be hated for something that you are instead of being loved for something that you are not. Warm wishes on World Goth Day.”

“Sometimes I feel the urge to actually shut up those people who are not talking because they are talking with there eyes. Happy World Goth Day.”

“Black is what I wore yesterday. Black is what I am wearing today. Black is what I will be wearing tomorrow. Warm wishes on World Goth Day to you.”

Funny World Goth Day Meme

Keep calm because the goths are here.

I own just one colour and that is pure black.

Black is my personality and black is my wardrobe,

Nothing haunts us more than the things we don’t say.

Being goth is all about trusting your own madness.

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