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2nd October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti in India. It was on this auspicious day, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, was born and therefore, it is a significant day for India. It is also the national holiday. Send Gandhi Jayanti messages to your family and friends with Mahatma Gandhi funny wishes to share a sweet laugh with everyone on this special occasion.

We bring to you the best of funny Gandhi Jayanti messages in Hindi and English. Use these Gandhi Jayanti messages as Facebook & WhatsApp Status to wish everyone around you but with a good laugh to make it a happy day for all. Looking for famous slogans of Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi and English?

Happy Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Funny Messages and Wishes

1. Whether everyone celebrates Gandhi Jayanti or not but each one of us loves Gandhi ji….. We all love to have our wallets and purses fill with best wishes from Mahatma Gandhi….. Sending best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

2. On the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, I wish that you are showered with best wishes of God in form of pictures of Gandhi ji that bring prosperity in your life…. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

3. Let us teach all the terrorists in this world the preaching of Mahatma Gandhi, let us teach them about Ahimsa and hope to bring back the lost peace in this world…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

4. Gandhi ji left us with violence and lots of sayings of non-violence which are remembered just on this birthday…. Let us remember them more often for a happier world…. Wishing Happy Gandhi Jayanti to you.

5. India is a proud nation because on our land Mahatma Gandhi was born…. May we have more and more pure souls to lead our country in the right direction…. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti!!

Gandhi Jayanti Funny Jokes

6. Take our any note from your pocket and wish Gandhi ji a very Happy Birthday!!! Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

7. I have just started with collecting pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, I seek your contribution to my collection…. Please help me have the biggest collection…. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

8. What happened in 1969 and in 1973…. Gandhi ji was born in 1969 and in 1973, he was four years old.

9. Munnabhai: Why are we writing Bapu’s name on bulb? Circuit: We are having his name shine!!!

10. I wish that your life is always blessed with Bapu’s love in form of his pictures of high denominations.

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Funny Gandhi Jayanti Facebook & WhatsApp Status

11. Let us celebrate Gandhi Jayanti by asking for pictures of Gandhi from all elders.

12. In order to love Gandhi, you need to have him in your life so that you can learn more about him. Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!

13. Till the time we have Gandhi in our lives, nothing can go wrong…. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

14. Government should celebrate Gandhi Jayanti by giving the citizens Gandhi instead of having a national holiday.

15. Wishing a very Happy Gandhi Jayanti with showers of Gandhi ji’s blessing…. Have a prosperous one!!!

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Mahatma Gandhi Funny Messages in Hindi

16. Definition of Gandhi Jayanti by Munnabhai: Gandhi aadmi toh solid tha par uska Jayanti ke saath kya lafda tha, wo apun nahi janta….. Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

17. Kya kabhi socha hai ki Gandhi ji har note hamesha haste hue kyun rehte hain…. Wo isliye hanste rehte hai kyunki agar wo royenge toh fir note geela ho jayega!! Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

18. Gandhi ji ko shanti, Khushi aur ahimsa se pyaar tha…. Isi liye aao unka janamdin khushiyon aur khilkhilahaton se saath manayein….. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti!!

19. Jo bhagwan ko nahin manta, wo insaan nahi hai….. Aur jo Gandhi ko nahi manta wo Hindustani nahi… Gandhi Jayanti ki dher saari badhaiyan.

20. Ishwar, Allah tero naam…. Sabko sanmati de bhagwan….. Par aisa lagta hai duniya se sanmati khoti hi jaa rahi hai….. Gandhi Jayanti ki shubh kamnayein!!!

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