Funny Retirement Messages for Boss

funny retirement message boss

When it comes to retirement to your boss, you want to give the best thing that makes him remind of you forever. If so, give smiles to your boss’s face by sending a funny retirement message to your boss exploring your all thinking very well. Retirement is a permanent leave from the work, but when the long relationship comes to an end, it makes the environment teary. Send a loving and funny message to your boss.

Here a nice collection of funny retirement message samples for boss is presented below:

1). Time has come to say goodbye to your tension, depression and frustration and it also says you to welcome the pension. You are the boss of ours always, but it is the time to be your own. Happy retirement life.

2). The best thing about retirement is you do nothing without being scolded. It is the life where you paint your dreams and make it true with your family. I wish you a very happy retirement and be happy always.

3). It is true, you are free from now on, there is no one who wants you to submit reports, to look after projects and to analysis result; there is nothing about the deadline. So enjoy your life at its fullest. Happy post retirement life.

4). It is your time to enjoy the weekend everyday; plan for the outing, arrange get together with friends and family. Don’t think much about your age, but think you are different from others. Fulfill your all wishes.

5). You are at a point where most of the people start thinking their enjoyment life has end, but you are not alike; it is your starting point and it is the time to give wings to your fly. Reach higher and higher.

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