Retirement Messages to Friend

Retirement Messages to Friend

Retirement message to a friend is for wishing him/her a happy retirement and giving him/her all your best wishes for spending the post-work life. Retirement message to friend rewards his/her work and expresses happiness that ultimately time has come for the enjoyment. The words of the message express your emotion to your friend and wish him best of the luck for the future. Here a good collection of retirement message samples to friend is given to help you.

Funny Retirement Messages to Friend

A Retirement message comes with best wishes for spending the post retirement life in fun and happiness. So write a funny text message that can bring a smile on your friend’s face and it makes the moment special for your friend. Your text message comes with your happiness.

“I have a great plan for your retired life; follow three steps, first one relax and unwind your body, then let your hair down and after only have fun. Wishing you a great retired life.”

Retirement Messages Special Friend

Wish your special friend a very happy retirement life with the words that come from your heart. Retirement is a mark of ending a professional life so wish him/her for having a successful career. Your retirement message brings out your emotion of joy.

“I congratulate you on your retirement. There will no more be a reporting time, pressure of project, a time schedule, but what you have now is fun and enjoyment. So enjoy your life.”

Retirement Farewell Messages to Friend

On your friend’s retirement, write a sweet retirement farewell message and brings back all the beautiful memories of your friend’s success and make it special. The message pays tribute to his hard work and dedication and it gives the best wishes for the post retirement life.

“The time of hard work and efforts has end now and new life welcomes you in the land of fun. I wish all those pleasures that you have missed for your professional life. I wish you a beautiful retired life.”

Miscellaneous samples of retirement message for friends:

“Finally a routine life takes the end now, enjoy your life being your own boss. The pleasure and fun open their door for you, so go with the rhythm of the life and make it beautiful. Happy retirement.”

“In your retirement, all days are weekend for you, so you can plan everything whatever you have missed till now, such as going for an outing, get together with friends and you have lots of time for your family. So enjoy your holidays.”

“Retirement means starting a new life, planning for your dreams, doing things you never think to do. This life is full of surprises and fun, so never let the time go and make the best use of the time. Wish you a great retirement.”

“Success, achievement, race and competition all words are bidding you goodbye and fun, joy, pleasure, smile, happiness take entry instead. It is your retirement so enjoy it.”

“I congratulate you for being your own boss from now on. Order yourself for freedom and careless life that no one has ever ordered you in your life. Highs of success you have achieved, now achieve the highs of a joyful life. Happy retirement. ”

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