Funny Retirement Messages for Coworkers

Funny Retirement Messages for Coworkers

The relationship with the coworker is very much professional, but beyond this relationship, you share a good friendly relationship with your coworker. When your coworker retires from the work, there are many things you want to tell him/her. Send a funny message presenting your all emotion through the words and bring a sweet smile to your friend’s face. You can add some memories that you have spent with your coworker.

A list of funny retirement message samples for coworker is presented below:

1). I am going to miss you when you will not be there by my side, when you will not be there to crack funny jokes to make me smile; you will not be there to take my extra load and you will not be there to enjoy the office hours.

2). Without you, office will not be the same as it is now. Without, no game in break, no fun in pressure; no sharing of pain and nothing is going to happen. Wish you all the best for your life ahead.

3). It has been long years I have spent with you; in joy and in pain, we are together, even we are scolded together, I will be alone now, but it is your retirement and enjoy your life the most. Happy retirement.

4). You have missed many joys of life till now, as you have no time to fulfill it. But leave this worry behind and give your each wish a wing to fly. It is the time to get pension, bidding goodbye to your tension.

5). You have time, money and everything to enjoy, so live your life in its full, don’t think about the age. Time gives you freedom to be with your family and friends and make plans for your wish.

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