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31st October is celebrated as Halloween. It is the time to not only dress spooky but also share Halloween funny jokes with family and friends. Send them sweet Halloween greetings. Wish your loved ones with special Halloween birthday wishes. Add more fun and lots of humour to this special occasion with funny Halloween Day messages for family, friends, kids and loved ones.

Enjoy the collection of Funny Halloween Messages, Best Halloween Jokes, Halloween horror messages, witty Halloween sayings, Funny Halloween Quotes, Scary Messages and funny Halloween status messages for Facebook and WhatsApp for a Halloween full of laughter and enjoyment.

Scary and Funny Halloween Messages 2023

“Keep the monster away with one candy a day….. Happy Halloween to you.”

“Don’t open this letter because it has been sealed with a bite and kiss from vampire.”

“You are ghostly gorgeous….. Enjoy the Halloween my dear.”

“May you are able to trick the tricks and make treats out of them…. Wishing you a spook-tecular!!!”

Funny Halloween Jokes one Liners

“If you are followed by monsters and ghosts then I wish that they are just candies following you… Happy Halloween.”

“Wishing you a Halloween full of candies along with some magic and zombies to balance it right.”

“On this Halloween, I wish that the goosebumps spread all over you and all your hair stand up to make it a fun Halloween for you.”

“Tricks or treats, carving the pumpkins or hunting the ghosts… Wishing you a super busy and super fun Halloween.”

May you are blessed with a hair-raising and spooky, spell-binding and thrilling Halloween which you can never ever forget.”

Funny Halloween Jokes for Toddlers and Kids

May this Halloween end for you with bags full of candies and lots of fun times… Happy Halloween to you.”

“May you have fun seeing scary people…. May you have the first spooky fun night full of thrills… Wishing you Happy Halloween.”

Funny Halloween Jokes for Teachers

“Warm wishes on Halloween to you. May this Halloween be full of magic and surprises for you.”

As the dead rise from their graves, I remind you to be watchful of your steps. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween.”

“It is time to be afraid of the dark because we don’t know what is out there. Let us be careful and watchful. Happy Halloween to you.”

Scary Halloween Jokes for Adults 2023

“To the cutest pumpkin in the city, I wish you fun and scary times. Warm greetings on Halloween to you.

Get ready to explore the night and make it a memorable one. Get ready to get scared and spooked. Wishing a very Happy Halloween.”

“It does not really matter whether it is trick or treat till the time it is fun time on Halloween. Have a spooky Halloween.”

Covid Halloween Jokes

Though we cannot step out of our houses but the dead are free to visit us at our homes. Warm wishes on Halloween to you.”

“Let us make this Halloween an occasion to forget everything and embrace death and the death. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween.”

“May this Halloween be full of joys, pranks and fun for you. May you end the darkness of COVID with the celebrations of Halloween.”

Spooky Halloween Jokes Message

“It is important to be afraid of the darkness as you don’t know what dwells in there. Warm wishes on Halloween to you.”

“Today is the day when you do not need to put on any of the costumes as you look perfect. Have a fantastic Halloween my dear.”

“May this Halloween you are surrounded with the scariest of the ghosts and witches. Sending you warm wishes on Halloween.”

Children’s Halloween jokes

“May you don’t become the dinner of the witches and ghosts. Wishing you a Halloween full of treats and tricks.”

“We don’t know who is alive and who is dead but we do know that Halloween is all about candies. May you have a Halloween full of candies.”

“Today is the only day to enjoy as much candies as you desire and keep the ghosts away. A very Happy Halloween to you.”

Funny Witch Jokes for Halloween

“Wishing you a Halloween full of fun as you hang out with your spooky gang and act stupid and silly. Have a spooky Halloween my dear.”

“Tonight is not the night to get scared but it is the night to scare everyone around by bringing out the witch hiding inside you. Happy Halloween.”

“May you look the spookiest on Halloween so that you are able to scare away the deadliest of the witches around. Wishing you Happy Halloween.”

Funny Skeleton Jokes for Halloween

“Halloween is not for the weak hearted but it is for those who can stand the spooky skeletons and ghosts. Warm wishes on Halloween.”

“May you have a perfect Halloween by dressing up in the scariest skeleton costume that will scare everyone around. Happy Halloween.”

“Don’t let the fun of Halloween die. Dress up in the deadliest costume and make it a memorable one. Happy Halloween to you.”

Funny Vampire Jokes for Halloween

“With darkness around and dead rising from their graves, you must stay on your toes to survive. Happy Halloween.”

“Don’t let the vampires suck your blood and leave you dead. Protect yourself as it is the deadliest night of the year. Happy Halloween.”

“Warm wishes on Halloween to you. May the spooky spirit of this night don’t let you fall prey to the vampires.”

Funny Mummy Jokes for Halloween

“Mummies are going to rise and come to your house. Make sure that you are dressed spooky to give them a chill. Happy Halloween.”

“Warm wishes on Halloween to you. May this night be the scariest for you with mummies spooking you in the scariest way.”

“If you are scared of mummies then you must watch your steps as they are going to rise from their graves and come looking for you. Happy Halloween.”

Funny Ghost and Goblin Jokes for Halloween

“Today is the night to enjoy the company of goblins and ghosts as you get ready for the celebrations. Happy Halloween.”

“You are really brave hearted if you party with ghosts and goblins tonight. Wishing you a fun and scary Halloween.”

“May you have a Halloween full of adventures and fun. Wishing you a good night with ghosts and goblins on Halloween.”

Funny Halloween Text Messages Forward

“On this Halloween, I am sending you a bag of candies that keeps the monsters away.”

“I have casted a magic spell on you to wish you a Halloween full of candies and treats and monsters who will also greet… Happy Halloween.”

Funny Halloween Card Messages

“Wishing you extra spooky, extra thrilling and extra excitement with your loved ones… Wishing you a very Happy Halloween.”

“Let us go high on sugar to have some thrilling and horror times this Halloween…. Have a Happy Halloween.”

Spooky Halloween Messages

“They have risen from their graves and they are looking for you…. They are the dead who have come to make it spooky Halloween for you.”

“Don’t get scared, don’t listen to their whispers, don’t eat those candies because everything is a trick… Happy Halloween!!!”

Scary Halloween Messages

“Even the strongest go weakest this night because it is the scariest and the spookiest night of the year… Happy Halloween to you.”

“When Halloween comes all the monsters appear and all the candies disappear… That time is going to come very soon!!!”

Creepy Halloween Messages

“Even the most awkward people feel so easy and comfortable on Halloween…. Happy a spooky and creepy Halloween.”

“Don’t forget to wear a costume that covers your face so that you don’t end up scaring a lot of people around you… Happy Halloween to you!!!”

Halloween Funny and Horror Jokes

“May your Halloween is full of ghosts, vampire, witches and horror…. Happy Halloween to you.”

“Time to get high on sugar and horror…. Time to carve the pumpkin….. Wishing you Happy Halloween.

May you are surrounded with screams….. May the ghost is always there with you…. Best wishes on Halloween.”

“Wishing you trick and treat….. Wishing you vampires and monsters…..Because it is Halloween time!!!”

Funny Halloween Birthday Wishes

“You can either get scared or scare the ones around you….. Choice is yours!!!”

“May the chill of Halloween run down your spine and give your goosebumps.”

“Those days are the best when you have ghosts and vampires as guests to celebrate with.”

“May the night of Halloween be full of adventure and horror….. Screams and spooky feelings.”

Witty Halloween Sayings and Quotes

“May you be the sweetest ghost on this Halloween.”

“Wishing the most horrifying monster a fun-filled Halloween this year.”

“May you are able to scare the maximum number of ghosts and vampires with your spooky look.”

“Time has come to scare the world with your ghostly side….. Happy Halloween!!!”

Funny Halloween Facebook and Whatsapp Status Messages

“May you have the power to eye open wide and hearts beating faster with your super Halloween look.”

“Whether it is a trick or treat….. It is always Halloween which makes us go crazy!!!”

“Dressing like monsters is the best thing on Halloween which makes it so special.”

“Wishing you a Halloween full of fun, horror and adventure with the best of ghosts and witches.”

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