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31st October is celebrated as Halloween. It is the time to not only dress spooky but also share Halloween funny jokes with family and friends. Send them sweet Halloween greetings. Wish your loved ones with special Halloween birthday wishes. Add more fun and lots of humour to this special occasion with funny Halloween Day text messages for family, friends, kids and loved ones.

Enjoy the collection of Halloween horror messages, witty Halloween sayings and quotes and funny Halloween status messages for Facebook and WhatsApp for a Halloween full of laughter and enjoyment.

Cute and Funny Halloween Day Text Messages

“Keep the monster away with one candy a day….. Happy Halloween to you.”

“Don’t open this letter because it has been sealed with a bite and kiss from vampire.”

“You are ghostly gorgeous….. Enjoy the Halloween my dear.”

“May you are able to trick the tricks and make treats out of them…. Wishing you a spook-tecular!!!”

Halloween Funny and Horror Jokes

“May your Halloween is full of ghosts, vampire, witches and horror…. Happy Halloween to you.”

“Time to get high on sugar and horror…. Time to carve the pumpkin….. Wishing you Happy Halloween.

May you are surrounded with screams….. May the ghost is always there with you…. Best wishes on Halloween.”

“Wishing you trick and treat….. Wishing you vampires and monsters…..Because it is Halloween time!!!”

Funny Halloween Birthday Wishes

“You can either get scared or scare the ones around you….. Choice is yours!!!”

“May the chill of Halloween run down your spine and give your goosebumps.”

“Those days are the best when you have ghosts and vampires as guests to celebrate with.”

“May the night of Halloween be full of adventure and horror….. Screams and spooky feelings.”

Witty Halloween Sayings and Quotes

“May you be the sweetest ghost on this Halloween.”

“Wishing the most horrifying monster a fun-filled Halloween this year.”

“May you are able to scare the maximum number of ghosts and vampires with your spooky look.”

“Time has come to scare the world with your ghostly side….. Happy Halloween!!!”

Funny Halloween Facebook and Whatsapp Status messages

“May you have the power to eye open wide and hearts beating faster with your super Halloween look.”

“Whether it is a trick or treat….. It is always Halloween which makes us go crazy!!!”

“Dressing like monsters is the best thing on Halloween which makes it so special.”

“Wishing you a Halloween full of fun, horror and adventure with the best of ghosts and witches.”

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