Best Funny Friendship Day Messages, Quotes and Jokes

Funny Friendship Day Messages, Funny Jokes for friend

Humor is an excellent way to relieve boredom and initiate a pleasant and simple discussion everywhere and at any time with your friends. Nothing beats exchanging a few amusing jokes with your closest friends to make you laugh.

We have come up with funny friendship day wishes 2023, Funny Friendship Day Messages, short comedy friendship day quotes, funny messages for friends that you can share with your buddies. Our Funny friendship day status for WhatsApp and facebook and Funny jokes for friends for whatsapp are just appropriate to send to your friends to share some lighter moments and brighten their day.

Funny Friendship Day Messages, Funny Quotes

In our lives we have a friend who will laugh at himself more than he will tell the joke. Happy Friendship Day.

We all like those moments when our stomachs hurt from laughing with friends at ridiculous jokes. Happy Friendship Day to you.

We’ll probably stay friends forever since we’re both too lazy to make new friends. Happy Friendship Day.

True friends don’t evaluate each other; instead, they assess others as a group. Happy Friendship Day my buddy.

Because He knew we had the same mental illness, God created us best buddies. Happy Friendship Day dear friend.

Friendship means having equally silly people in your life. Happy Friendship Day.

No matter how depressed you are, you have that one friend who will make absolutely inane jokes. Happy Friendship Day.

Without that one unpleasant buddy, life would be bland. Happy Friendship Day to you.

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Funny Friendship Messages for WhatsApp

It’s difficult to find a companion who shares your sense of humour.

When you disrespect true friends, they are not offended. They just retaliate by insulting you.

Because you know all my nasty secrest and I know all yours, we’ll be friends forever.

When I declare I’m not going to tell anyone, I don’t include my best buddy.

When you ask a buddy for lunch when there is nothing left in the pantry, you have true friendship.

Funny Friendship Day Status for WhatsApp

I informed God that I am not going to paradise if my friend is not arriving. Happy Friendship Day!

I was a serious person till my best friends arrived in my life. Happy Friendship Day to you.

If someone thinks I’m insane, just look at me with my best friend. Happy Friendship Day!

Every witty person needs a serious best buddy to put up with his jokes. Happy Friendship Day dear buddy.

As best friends we have always disliked the same stuffs. Happy Friendship Day!

Funny Messages for Friends on Facebook

My greatest dread is dying and going to hell, but I immediately realise I’ll run into you there.

You are quite fortunate to have a buddy like me, because no other human being could stand you.

Thank you for letting me know that I’m a looser; only a buddy would prefer to hang around with one.

To be my buddy, you don’t have to be insane, but it’s one of the things I’ll look for!

When true friends fall, they don’t ask for your assistance in getting up. Instead, they drag you down.

Short Friendship Jokes for Friends for Whatsapp

We’re a wacky bunch of friends. This insanity keeps us in check.

Best friendship means taking the biggest bite of your friend’s burger after finishing yours.

When your jokes aren’t humorous, a good buddy laughs at them.

Friends that care about you will never let you do dumb things alone.

You don’t have to be a fool to hang out with me, my friend. I’ll teach you to be so.

Funny Friendship Day Memes

Without friends on Friendship Day, it’s like eating a burger without a bun.

You have the best friends if they don’t wish you Happy Friendship Day.

Finding a companion with the same amount of idiocy is a fantastic find.

Friendship Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect about the first time two crazy individuals became friends.

Let us take a moment on Friendship Day to reflect on how empty our lives would have been without our filthy jokes.

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