Funny Christmas Quotes for Soldiers 2023 – Wishes Sayings

Funny Christmas Messages for Soldiers

Funny Christmas wishes for soldiers are humorous and are meant to bring smile on the face of the soldiers. The funny Christmas messages are sent through text messages with funny smiley and through cards with funny characters or funny quotes. One can also send the funny Christmas wishes through a funny video clip along with the Christmas wishes messages for the soldiers.

Funny Christmas Quotes for Soldiers 2023 – Wishes Sayings

Send funny Christmas messages to soldiers this Christmas. Given below are some sample messages.

1). In front of our strongest soldiers, no enemy can stand for long because they are the toughest men with brave heart… Merry Christmas to you.

2). May Santa bring for you the sweetest memories and beautiful times with your loved ones this Christmas… with respect and honor, wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

3). No festival is complete without thanking the honor of the nation… our soldiers… Sending warm wishes to our strong men with blessings of Jesus Christ!!!

4). As the soldiers are busy working on the borders, Santa has decided to not disturb them and send them no gifts this year. Your gifts will reach you in coming year. Merry Xmas 2023.

5). Santa is going to bring some enemies wrapped for you. Be cautious because these gifts are meant just for the brave soldiers. Wishing you a Happy Merry Christmas and amazing New Year.

6). Santa is bringing gifts for you soldiers. But he will not give to the soldiers who were doing their duty. Merry Christmas.

7). We are not sending any gifts this time for soldiers as they are busy on the border. We will be sending them next year. Merry Christmas.

8). Christmas is cancelled this time soldiers. Just because you all are on duty. Anyways, have a merry and joyous Christmas.

9). Santa is going to give gifts to enemies this year. No maybe he has to give gifts to brave soldiers. Make sure you get them. Merry Christmas.

10). This Christmas, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get any wishes, cards and gifts. Because we are unable to send gifts on the border. Anyways, have a Merry Christmas.

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