Funny and Witty Wedding Wishes for the Bride and Groom

Best funny and Witty wedding wishes

Marriages are fun and with witting wedding quotes, you can take fun on a completely different tangent especially when some of your best friend or cousin is getting married. Funny marriage wishes in Hindi and English make wonderful choice of expressing your feelings to the newlyweds with a dash of wit and fun. Go with cute wedding wishes to make your messages highlight at the event. Funny witty wedding wishes help you express your love in a different way.

Here are best funny marriage quotes loaded with love and wit to help you create most special wedding wishes for the dearest couple.

1. Marriage is like a wonderful, exciting and entertaining walk in the park but the park is Jurassic Park…. May you are blessed with an awesome journey together…. Have an adventurous and thrilling married life my dear couple!!!

2. May you be married for life but this doesn’t mean that you have to grow up…. You can still be stupid and funny… may you are blessed with an amazingly funny and entertaining time with each other… Happy Married Life dear.

3. Marriage is not for the weak… it is for the strong hearted people who don’t fear challenges in life…. Dearest newlywed couple, you are truly strong and inspiring…. Enjoy this tough relationship with smile on your face.

4. Welcome to the dangerous yet exciting world of marriage… you will soon be witnessing the most wonderful time of your life and the most special journey… Don’t faint, just keep enjoying as now you cannot repent!!! Happy Married Life to the most special couple.

5. Do you know what is one common thing between late night parties, hanging out with friends and enjoying life…. well you will no longer be able to do all of these things after marriage…. Happy Married Life to both of you…. !!!!

6. Marriage is the end of your love story but a unique beginning of your wresting story…. May you make a wonderful story with each other and you both win…. Warm wishes to you on your marriage for a happy life together.

7. Today is your special day… May this special day of your life be full of happiness and enjoyment because from tomorrow the real life is going to start… and then all the fun will be gone with the wind. Happy Marriage to you dearest couple.

8. One of the most dangerous food on the planet is the wedding cake… May you are blessed with all the strength to cherish and enjoy this dangerous food which is served on your plate… Wishing you all the fun and drama in your married life… All the best… God bless you!!!

9. A harmonious marriage will be between a blind woman and a deaf husband…. So to make your marriage work beautifully, wife should pretend that she cannot see and husband should pretend that he cannot hear…. Warm wishes for a happy married life to the newlywed couple.

10. Before you two got married, you were madly in love with each other but from now on you will be mad at each other…. Wish you all the luck and of course a wonderful married life with dash of love and spice of fights!!!

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