Funny Wedding Messages for Bride

Funny Wedding Messages for Bride

Funny wedding wishes for the bride include funny quotes and sayings and are humorous to make the bride feel happier. They are sent to bring a smile on the face of the bride. The funny wedding wishes can be sent through cards or through text messages with funny smiley. Sending the bride a funny video clip with the funny moments is also a good idea for gifting the bride.

Samples of funny and hilarious wedding messages for the beautiful bride to bring a smile on her face and make her day glorious:

1). Wishing the gorgeous bride a happy wedding ceremony. I hope you have shed the extra kilos just before marriage to avoid giving a heart attack to your groom.

2). I wish the lovely bride a wonderful wedding day. Make sure you have good food organised for me to gift you well and make you happy on the marriage.

3). Wedding day wishes for a beautiful bride from the maid of honour. It sure turned out to be a wonderful day for you with me doing all the troubled stuff of going after you the whole day.

4). Sending heartiest wishes for the wedding of the sweet bride. I hope you have stocked goodies for me aside to celebrate after the wedding together.

5). Happy wedding ceremony wishes for the bride through this text. Celebrate the wedding reception with lots of wine and good delicacies with me leaving your groom.

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