15+ Beautiful Lines on Children’s Day in English

15+ Beautiful Lines on Children's Day in English

Every year November 14th is observed as Children’s Day in India. This day marks the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru and because he loved children, this day is observed as Children’s Day. Celebrate this special occasion by sharing with everyone Lines on Children’s Day in English. Wish all the children around you with quotes and sayings that have been weaved around kids and childhood.

In this post, we have come up with a collection of inspirational lines on Children’s day for Kids and students that make a wonderful share with children on this day that celebrates kids.

Best Lines on Children’s Day for Kids and students in English

Childhood is the most amazing time of one’s life.

Don’t let the child in you vanish with time.

Children are to be loved because they are the angels sent by God.

Children are born with a magnetic pull that we cannot resist.

Love, happiness, smiles and truthfulness are what make children so special.

Be with kids and you will never be sad.

If you want to kill all the stress in your life then spend time with children.

A child has the power to take away all the negativity from your life.

Let this life be happy, let this life be surrounded with kids.

Don’t ever miss on the chance to be with children.

If you are loved by children then you are surely very special.

Life is beautiful when you have children.

Laughter does not end with kids.

Kids are the key to unlock happiness in your life.

Childhood days are what we always want to relive.

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