Best and Romantic Valentine’s Day Love Messages, Wishes

Romantic Valentine's Day Love Messages

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. This is the day when people send cute and romantic Valentine’ Day special wishes to their loved ones using lovely Valentine’s Day funny text messages, cute Valentine’s Day friendship messages and sweet Valentine’s Day love wishes quotes that are the best way to express your love in a heart touching way to the people who mean life to you.

Thank You Message for Valentine Gift
“This is a very beautiful gift for this special occasion. Thanks a lot for remembering and sending this gift. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day Message for New Relationship
“I love two things. The rose and you. Giving you this favorite rose, will you be mine? Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day Messages for Couples
“May your love grow each day as time progress? Stay blessed and be happy. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day Messages for Singles
“Don’t be disappointed if you are single. Celebrate this festival of love and happiness with your family and friends and share your happiness and joy with them. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Given below are some of the most beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 sample quotes and text messages that help you send special wishes to your near and dear ones.

1). I want to live each and every dream that I have had with you my love…. I want to share every happiness and sorrow with you, every moment of my life with you because you are my soul mate and the love of my life…. With all my heart, wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day 2018.

2). For me the definition of love starts with you and ends with you…. It is you who has taught me the meaning of falling in love and made me experience such a wonderful feeling….. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most gorgeous lady who means me more than my life.

3). The most beautiful moments of my life are the ones I had spent with you and I wish that we are blessed with many more wonderful times together loaded with romance and love, friendship and great understanding…. Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love!!!

4). My life without you is sky without sun, moon without stars and life without happiness. You mean the world to me. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day 2018.

5). No matter how busy we get, we will always be the loving sweethearts. This Valentine’s Day let’s remember all the beautiful and cool moments we spent together. Happy Valentine’s Day.

6). What I feel for you cannot be expressed in words. When you are around, the world seems to be a better place to live. Sending warm loving best wishes to you this Valentine’s Day. Love you!!

7). You are the best person I know. You are the wind beneath my wings. You are my pole star. You are my life. Sweetest cutest wishes to the person who is my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

8). Having someone loving and affectionate like you has been the most beautiful blessing to me. I just cannot imagine living without you. You are my true soul mate. Best Valentine’s Day wishes.

9). Every moment spent with you becomes the most precious moment of my life. When I am with you, I feel so special and loved. Always be mine. Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

10). Whenever I see you, my happiness doubles; I forget the deepest of the pains. You are the light that adds brightness to my life. Be there for me always. Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 my love.

11). Falling in love with you has been the most special thing to me. Thanks a lot for coming in my life and adding meaning to it. Best wishes to my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Love you loads!!!!

12). Words fall short when I talk about you. In the simplest of words, you mean life to me. You are the reason for my existence. Wishing you a beautiful romantic Valentine’s Day my love.

13). Holding you in my arms, close to my heart is the best thing to me. You are my world and you are my life. Sending warm heartfelt wishes to the best person in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day messages for friends

14). For those who say that Valentine’s Day is just for lovers, I disagree. You are more than a lover to me, you are my best friend. Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 to my sweet dear friend.

15). You have always been there with me; through all the good and bad times. My Valentine’s Day is in complete without wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day my friend.

16). Friendship is all about understanding each other and being there for each other. For me, you define friendship in the loveliest way. Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 my buddy.

17). You are the most special friend to me, to whom I cannot afford to lose. Let’s promise to be bonded for life. Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day dearest friend. Love you lots!!!

18). Lovers may not be for life but friends are truly the gems that stay with you all your life. You have been my motivation and energy. Thanks for being there. Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 to you.

Valentine’s Day wishes for lover

19). When I define love, I think of you. When I define life, I think of you again. Thanks for coming in my life and making it worth living. Sending envelope of love with Valentine’s Day wishes to you.

20). My heart stops when you kiss you and my world brightens when you smile at you. Loving you has been so easy. Wishing you a love filled Happy Valentine’s Day my love!!!

21). You came into my life and you made it look so beautiful. You made me feel so special with your love and care. Cannot thank you enough for your love. Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 to you.

22). Let us make a promise that we will always be together, holding hands. Let us promise to never fell apart. Sending cute warm wishes to you on Valentine’s Day 2018. Love you forever!!

23). You are my soul to soul connection. You are my friend, my confidant and my lover. You are my universe. Wishing you a beautiful romantic Happy Valentine’s Day my beloved. Love you always!

Valentine’s Messages for boyfriend

24). When you are by my side, I feel happy. When you are holding my hand, I feel protected. With you I live every emotion. Happy Valentine’s Day to my man who is the reason for my smile.

25). I pray to God to make you mine for today, tomorrow and for many more years to come and make me yours for eternity. Wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 my love!!!!

26). I feel like the luckiest woman in the world with you in my life. I feel loved, cared and protected when you are around. Warm wishes to you on Valentine’s Day 2018. Love you forever!!!

27). Sometimes words fall short when you express your feelings. I fail to find the right words to express my love to you. You mean the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

28). Thanks for making me fall in love, for making me go crazy in love, for making me feel like a princess. Wishing you a beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day. Lots of hugs and kisses!!!

Valentine’s Day Messages For Girlfriends

29). This Valentine’s Day, I thank you for letting me love you and for showering your unconditional love on me. Warm wishes on Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart. I love you so much!!

30). My day is incomplete if I don’t think about you. My life was incomplete until I met you. Thanks for making me feel alive. Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 to the love of my life.

31). The first day I saw you, I instantly fell for you. And now I am madly in love with you. I feel I am in bliss of your magical love. Happy Valentine’s Day my girl, you are truly special.

32). You are my valentine and I feel like the luckiest man. You are my love and I feel so blessed. Thanks for being there in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day my darling.

33). I pray to God to make you my valentine for life. Wishing you a romantic, beautiful and Happiest Valentine’s Day ever. Want to make it the most special day for you my love.

Valentine’s Day wishes for husband

34). You have been the most special blessing in my life. You are the reason for my existence and you are my life. Dearest hubby, wishing you a romantic Valentine’s Day. Love you forever!!!

35). When you take me in your arms, I feel on the top of the world. When you look at me, I feel so special. You are my life and my world. Best wishes on Valentine’s Day 2018 to my darling.

36). Being there with you for life makes me so happy. I promise to love you more and more as we grow old. I promise to be your strength. Happy Valentine’s Day my dearest husband.

37). When you are around, I know everything will be fine because with your love, you will always keep me happy. Thanks for your love baby. Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 to you.

38). We have come into this world with a strong eternal connection. Your presence in my life is the blessing of God. Will always love you. Wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Valentine’s Day Wishes Message for wife

39). There is no one else who can love you more than me. I am so happy to have you as my wife. Thanks for making my life complete. Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman who rules my heart.

40). My definition of love starts with you and ends on you. You are my motivation, aspiration and strength. Wishing you a romantic and beautiful Valentine’s Day my darling.

41). You are my valentine for life. I will always make you feel special for coming in my life and making it so lovely. Dearest wife, I wish you the Happiest Valentine’s Day ever. Love you always.

42). You are the center of my world and I just cannot imagine my life without you. If you are not there then even I don’t exist. Warm wishes on Valentine’s Day 2018 to my love.

43). Let us grow old in love. Let us promise that our love is never going to fade away. Let us celebrate Valentine’s Day 2018 with a romantic dinner and make it a memorable evening.

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