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When is Lohri 2023?

Lohri is the time of festivities, especially in Punjab when people come together and engage in celebrations around the bonfire. It is a popular cultural celebration which is held on the 13th of January every year on the eve of winter when people throw sweets, popcorn’s and puffed rice in the fire and sing beautiful folk songs.

What do you say on Lohri Festival?

Indeed it is the time to send warm Happy Lohri messages and Lohri Wishes in English and Hindi to sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husbands, boss, friends and family on Whatsapp, Facebook and through mobile text messages. Wish your loved ones using sample funny Lohri messages in Hindi and English. Here are some of Happy Lohri Messages, Lohri Whatsapp Messages, Lohri Wishes, lohri Whatsapp and facebook status you can send your loved ones on Lohri festival 2023.

Happy Lohri Messages 2023

Here is the most unique collection of Lohri messages and Happy Lohri wishes to share with your dear ones. With these inspiring Lohri quotes in English and Lohri whatsapp status, you can send your warm greetings to make it a very special Lohri for everyone around you.

“Let us kill all the negativities of our lives in the fire of Lohri. Let us hope for brighter happier times with our loved ones. Happy Lohri to you.”

Happy Lohri Messages Images 2023 Lohri Wishes
Happy Lohri Messages Images 2023

“Mungfali, til aur gud layein aapke jeewan mein khushiyan. Lohri ka prakash kar de roshan aapke aane wale kal ko. Best wishes on this festival. Happy Lohri.”

“As the fire of Lohri flourishes, let us hope that all our sorrows end with it. Let the glory of the festival fill our lives with happiness. Wishing Happy Lohri to you all.”

“Pher se laut aaya Bhangra dalne da din jab aag de kol saare aake manavange Lohri. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Lohri.

“May God brighten our lives like the fire of Lohri and shower it with happiness and prosperity. Sending best wishes on Lohri to 2023. Happy Lohri to you all.”

“Phir aa gaya mausam makki di roti aur sarso de saag ka. Sabko Mubarak ho Lohri ka ye tyohar. Wishing a wonderful colorful Happy Lohri.”

Happy Lohri Wishes 2023 Pics Image
Happy Lohri Wishes 2023

“In the positive light of happiness, may our life shine with hope. May this year we are showered with glory and success. Sending warm wishes via message. Happy Lohri sweetest friend.”

“Apko aur apke pariwar ko Lohri ki lakh lakh badhaiyan. Rab kare apke jeewan mein ho khushiyon ki bearish. Wishing you a colorful wonderful Happy Lohri 2023.”

Happy Lohri Greeting Cards Message

“Warm wishes on Lohri to you. May this festive occasion of Lohri bring along prosperity and happiness into your lives.”

happy lohri messages
Happy Lohri Messages

“On the occasion of Lohri, I wish that this festival fills your life with endless happiness and joys and bring you good luck. Happy Lohri to you.”

“May the occasion of Lohri burn away all the negativities and problems from your life and bring you peace. Happy Lohri to you.”

Happy Lohri Wishes

Share your Lohri wishes messages with your loved ones with newest Happy Lohri wishes. Have the loveliest Lohri messages for WhatsApp, Lohri greeting quotes and Lohri messages shared with your family and friends to make it a beautiful festival of love and warmth.

“May this beautiful festival of harvest fill your life with happiness and positivity. May there be success and hope in your life. Warm wishes to you and your family. Happy Lohri my dear.

“Let the festival of harvest brighten your life with prosperity and success. May you are blessed with soaring happiness and wonderful celebrations. Happy Lohri dearest sister.

Happy Lohri Wishes images 2023
Happy Lohri 2023 Wishes Images

“Lohri ke tyohar par apki zindagi jagmagaye aur mehke mehekti faslon jaise. Mubarak ho aapko aur aapke pariwar ko ye tyohar. Sending beautiful wishes to you. Happy Lohri.

“Make this festival merrier and happier with lots of enjoyment, dance and music. May there be lots of celebrations on this occasion. Wishing a rocking Happy Lohri my friend.

“On the joyous night of celebrations, let there be lots of happiness, joy and excitement. Wishing a warm Happy Lohri to the world’s best family which is my strength.

Happy Lohri Festival Wishes Quotes
Lohri Festival Wishes Quotes

“May you sing, enjoy and dance around the bonfire on the festival of harvest. May you are showered with happiness and glory. Best wishes to my sister. Happy Lohri to you.

“Warmest greetings to you and your family on the festive occasion of Lohri. Let us pray for happiness, success and brightness in life. Wishing you happy Lohri and fun celebrations.

Happy Lohri Quotes in English

“May the festival of harvest fill your life with great zeal and joys. Wishing a cheerful and blessed Lohri to you and your loved ones.”

Happy Lohri Quotes in English
Happy Lohri Quotes in English

“May your Lohri celebrations are full of sweetness of rewari and good taste of popcorn. Warm greetings on Lohri to you and your loved ones.”

“May the festivities of Lohri fill each and every corner of your heart with happiness and put an end to all the negativities. Wishing you a very Happy Lohri.”

Happy Lohri Greeting Cards Messages

“May the fire of burn away all the negativities and problems in your life and leave you with a positive mind and body. Warm wishes on Lohri to you.”

“Wishing a very Happy Lohri full of warm wishes and blessings. May you enjoy this festival with your loved ones dancing and singing around the fire.

“May the festival of Lohri bring along endless joy and prosperity to you and your family and bring along blessings of Sun for you. Happy Lohri.”

“May the harvest festival be full of high spirits for you and your loved ones. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Lohri.”

Happy Lohri Wishes Messages for Friends and Family

“Warm wishes on Lohri to my loved ones. May we celebrate this occasion together and welcome goodness and joys into our life.”

“Happy Lohri to my family and friends. Let us dance to the beautiful tunes and celebrate life as we thank Almighty for all his blessings.”

Happy Lohri Festival 2022 Wishes Messages
Happy Lohri Festival 2023 Wishes Messages

“On the occasion of Lohri, I extend my warm wishes to my family and friends. May we all are showered with the best of happiness and good times together. Happy Lohri to all.”

Happy Lohri Funny Messages in English

“May the festival of Lohri be the festival of joy and zeal for you and your family. Warm wishes on Lohri to you and your family.”

“A family that celebrates Lohri together always stay together. Wishing you good times with your loved ones on Lohri.”

Happy Lohri Messages, Lohri Message images
Happy Lohri Messages

“May the high spirits of Lohri stay with your forever and ever and keep bringing you joy and happiness in life. Wishing you Happy Lohri.”

“On the occasion of this zealous festival, may you connect with your family, friends and relative to have memorable celebrations on Lohri.”

Happy Lohri Whatsapp Messages

“May this festival of harvest put an end to all your problems and leave you feeling happy with new dreams and hopes. Warm wishes on Lohri to you.

“May you sing and dance around the bonfire and seek blessings of Lord Sun for a prosperous and happy year ahead. A very Happy Lohri to you.”

“Wishing you the sweetness of gajjak and rewari. Wishing you the warmth of hearts around you. Wishing you a memorable and blessed Lohri.”

“Wishing you the most beautiful time of the year with your family and friends. Wishing you a Lohri full of high spirits and goodness around.”

Happy First 1st Lohri Wishes Messages

Lohri Messages images - lohri wishes messages 2022
Lohri Messages image

“Warm wishes on 1st Lohri to you. May you are showered with the choicest blessings of Lord Sun to make it a glorious year for you. “

“May you are blessed with Lord Sun and all the elders around you on the occasion of 1st Lohri to make it a very special one. Warm wishes on 1st Lohri.”

“First is always close to heart and on the occasion of first Lohri, I wish you all the celebrations and good times with your loved ones. Happy First Lohri to you.”

Best Lohri greetings Messages 2023
Lohri greetings Messages 2023

“Wishing you a day of joy and laughter. Wishing you a day of celebrations and memory. Wishing you a day of glory and goodness. Wishing you a very Happy first Lohri.”

Lohri Custom Personalized Lohri Wishes

“May the bonfire of Lohri fill into our hearts warmth of love, care and affection. Warm wishes on Lohri to everyone.”

“May the bright and beautiful celebrations of Lohri bless us with goodness and happiness. Wishing a very Happy Lohri to you.”

“On the occasion of Lohri, I wish everyone a life blessed with good luck and positivity. A very Happy Lohri to everyone.”

Lohri and Makar Sankranti 2023 Messages

“Wishing you a very Happy Lohri and Happy Makar Sankranti 2023. May this season mark a beautiful start to your year and shower you with all the blessings.”

“Wishing you good times with your family and friends and the celebrations to remember all your life on the auspicious occasion of Lohri and Makar Sankranti.”

May the positivity of Lohri bring a blessed year for you. May the high spirits of Makar Sankranti bring along lots of opportunities for you. Wishing you a wonderful festive time.”

Happy Lohri Wishes in Hindi

“Mubarak ho aapko Lohri ka tyohar jismein ho apno ka pyaar aur gud ki mithas. Lekar aaye yeh tyohar aapke liye bahar.”

Happy Lohri Wishes in Hindi Messages
Lohri Wishes in Hindi

“Lohri ke is paavan din sab dukh aur dardo ka ho naash aur barse aap par har din bhagwan ka ashirvad aur pyaar. Happy Lohri.”

“Lohri ka yeh tyohar manayein aap apney parivar ke saath. Sang naache gaayein aur pyaar baatein, kyunki yeh din hai bahut hi khaas. Happy Lohri.”

Good Lohri Captions for Instagram

Warm wishes on Lohri to everyone. May there is peace and prosperity surrounding us.

May we all are showered with happiness, goodness and success this Lohri.

I wish for everyone that this Lohri brings us immense joys and great prosperity.

Lohri is the time to celebrate life and be thankful for all the blessings that we have been showered with.

Wishing everyone a Lohri full of celebrations and good times.

Lohri Instagram Photo Captions
Lohri Instagram Photo Captions

When you have your family and friends, a memorable Lohri is guaranteed for sure.

Lohri is all about forgetting your problems and celebrating your blessings.

Let us enjoy the warmth of bonfire and love of our dear ones. Happy Lohri.

Warm greetings on Lohri to you and your loved ones.

Let us celebrate Lohri with the people we love the most. Happy Lohri to everyone.

Happy Lohri 2023 Images, Photo, Pics and Wallpaper

We bring to you the most exclusive collection of happy Lohri Wishes images, wallpapers, photos and pics to celebrate Lohri 2023. Share with your family and friends these beautiful and vibrant Happy Lohri images and photo wallpapers that make a worthy share on Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram and twitter, etc. Celebrate Lohri the Punjabi style with this unique collection of Lohri photos.

Happy Lohri Images 2022 Wishes Images, Lohri Messages
Happy Lohri Images 2023 Wishes Images
Happy lohri wishes Pictures images Lohri Messages
Happy lohri wishes Pictures images
Happy Lohri Wishes with images, Lohri Greetings Messages
Happy Lohri Wishes Messages

Good Wishes on Lohri Festival 2023:

Lohri is the festival of happiness and glory and on this Lohri, may all your dreams come true and may you find joy and success in everything you do. This vibrant festival is observed in the Indian states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi. Though all families celebrate Lohri but this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in families which welcome a new addition in their family i.e. a child is born or a marriage has happened. This is a way of seeking blessings from Sun. This is a day of celebration when people dance around fire and sing beautiful Lohri songs as they enjoy the warmth of bonfire. This incredible occasion calls for sharing Happy Lohri wishes and Lohri messages with your dear ones. Wish them glory and happiness with original Lohri messages, Happy Lohri wishes, Lohri greetings quotes, Lohri status.

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