20+ Unique Happy Lohri Slogans – Lohri Taglines and Quotes

Happy Lohri Slogans, Lohri Taglines, Quotes

Lohri is celebrated every year on January 13th in various northern states of India. This is the harvest festival which is all about thanking Almighty for a bounty crop. Celebrate this day with Lohri taglines and Happy Lohri slogans to share on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Share the unique Happy Lohri wishes messages and Happy Lohri quotes images with your family and friends on this auspicious day to make it a beautiful one for all.

In this post, we bring to you an amazing collection of Happy Lohri Slogans, Lohri Taglines and slogans on Lohri. Make it a day full of celebrations with lines on Lohri festival in English language, taglines and quotes.

Best Slogan on Lohri in English

The chill of winter is over as Lohri is here. Happy Lohri to you.

It is the beautiful festive time which marks a beautiful start to the year. Happy Lohri.

The warmth and celebrations of Lohri infuse us with high spirits.

Lohri is the time to spend with your loved ones.

Lohri is all about thanking God for his blessings and love.

Lohri gives us another reason to reconnect with our family and friends.

Lohri is the celebration of life.

May this Lohri bring you peace and happiness.

Wishing you a Lohri blessed with joy and prosperity.

Lohri is the time of festivities and feasts to enjoy.

Unique lines on Lohri festival in English

Lohri adds warmth to hearts and flavours to life.

The celebrations of Lohri remind us that it is a fresh start.

There is something magical about Lohri that fills our hearts with happiness and goodness.

Lohri puts an end to all the negativities surrounding us.

Lohri is the perfect way to have a zealous start to the year ahead.

Lohri celebrates life, it celebrates problems and their solutions.

Lohri has the power to infuse our souls with love and strength to face tough times.

Let us have Lohri celebrations wherein we forget all our problems and troubles.

Lohri is about smiles and good times, it is about spending time with the ones you love.

The high spirits and positivity of Lohri keep us motivated throughout the year.

Happy Lohri Best Quotes

“The celebrations of Lohri fill our hearts with inspiration and infuse our souls with happiness.”

“Lohri is all about expressing gratitude towards nature and almighty.”

“Lohri is a perfect mix of feasts, fun and festivities put together. Wishing you Happy Lohri.”

“Let us paint the town red to make it the most memorable and zealous Lohri.”

“If you have your family and friends by your side as you celebrate Lohri, you are truly blessed.”

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