Teddy Bear Day Messages

Teddy Bear Day Messages

9th September or fourth day of the Valentine week is celebrated as Teddy Bear Day. In 1902, US President Theodore Roosevelt announced this day as Teddy Bear Day by showing his kindness by not shooting a teddy bear during a hunting campaign. Teddies are not just loved by children but they are so cute that they are also adored by girls. On this special occasion, usually boys send warm wishes to the girls they love.

Here are some of the best Teddy Bear Day wishes and quotes…. Romantic and cute enough to wish the girl you love the most.

1. On the occasion of Teddy Bear Day, I am sending the warmest hug and coziest cuddle to the most special person in my life. You are the cutest thing that has ever happened to me in my life and I want to always see you happy and smiling my dear.

2. No matter where I go, you are always on my mind and in my heart….. No matter where I am busy, a part of me is always thinking about you…. No matter how long is the distance between us, you are always close to my heart. Sending you hugs and kisses on Teddy Bear Day.

3. Today I want to tell you that you are my cute little teddy bear and I would love to your adorable teddy bear. I want to hold you tight in my arms and want to keep you close to my heart. Wishing you lots of love and happiness on Teddy Bear Day my love!!!!

4. When a smile can make your day….. When someone can read your eyes without you speaking a word….. When someone can touch your heart even from a distance….. Such is the power of love and that’s what you make me feel like. Wishing you a very warm and Happy Teddy Bear Day.

5. You are the smile on my lips…. You are the sparkle in my eyes…. You are the happiness on my face and you are the life in my years. On the occasion of Teddy Bear Day, I wish you all the joy and success in the world. With lots of love and hugs…. Your teddy!!!

6. Finding you in this world has been the most beautiful thing to happen because you are the craziest, cutest and loveliest person I know. With you I have learnt to be happy, with you I learnt to live big…. Sending you warm hugs and happiness…Wishing you a very Happy Teddy Bear Day.

7. When the sun rises…. When the stars sparkle…. When the clouds rain…. When the flowers bloom….. When your heart beats….. Every time it is a reminder that someone is missing you somewhere. With unmatched love and tight hugs…. I wish you Happy Teddy Bear Day.

8. One day we met as strangers and then we became friends and now we are inseparable lovers….such is the magic of love and I promise that this magic is never going to end because my love will only increase with time. Wishing you a very Happy Teddy Bear Day my girl!!

9. My love for you is like rainbow…. Full of colors of happiness, glory, joy and life. I promise to brighten your life with colors of my love and infuse your life with more and more smiles. On Teddy Bear Day, I am sending you bags full of love, cuddles and kisses…!!!

10. Dear you are the closest person to my heart because you have touched me the deepest. Your love is my strength and your happiness is my aim. My love for you will never be less. Wishing you all the smiles in the world. Wishing you warm and Happy Teddy Bear Day.

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