Sorry Messages for Elder Sister

Sorry messages for elder sister

The elder sister is a close person for any sibling with whom the secrets, thoughts and dreams are shared. The relationship with the elder sister is close love and protective one as she always looks down upon her younger siblings to protect them and care for them. For any misdeed, the sorry wishes can be sent through text messages.

Excellent samples of sorry messages for the elder sister to send with love are given below:

1). Dear elder sister, I am sorry for having hurt you and say sorry for the same. I hope you will forgive me soon to come and join me in the New Year celebration tomorrow.

2). For loving elder sister, I am much lucky to have a special and caring sister like you and seek forgiveness for hurting you. I hope you will grant my wish soon with all your sweet heart.

3). For my elder sister, this text carries sorry from me with gifts for you. I am much in guilt for the loss I have caused and I hope you will forgive me to help me rectify it in time.

4). To my cute elder sister, I am sorry for the loss caused by my wrongdoing. I seek forgiveness from you and send beautiful gifts you would love to please you into making you love me more.

5). Through this text, I say sorry to my elder sister for having hurt her. I am much ashamed and seek forgiveness from you to have the special bonding we have shared over the years.

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