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Each year, 8th May is celebrated as World Red Cross Day and Red Crescent Day across the globe. This day celebrates the principles laid down by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. This is an opportunity to offer our voluntary medical services to the society. It is also the day to honour all those who gave their helping hand in order to serve the mankind.

Celebrate Red Crescent Day 2024 by sending text messages, slogan, world red cross day quotes and wishes to your loved ones. Make Red Cross Day in India special for your loved ones by sending them greetings.

World Red Cross Day Messages 2024

Send best wishes to your family, friends and medical personnel with World Red Cross Day messages, World Red Crescent Day greetings, Red Cross Day wishes and greetings in English. Thank the health professionals with World Red Cross Day text messages which are perfect to share on Facebook, WhatsApp.

1. On the occasion of World Red Cross Day, let us join hands to make everyone in this world healthier and happier….. Happy World Red Cross Day!!!

2. It is the duty of every human to serve humanity and we must always do so to extend our contribution towards Red Cross…. Best wishes on World Red Cross Day.

3. A warm thank you to all those who are selflessly serving humanity and bringing a good change in the society….. Happy World Red Cross Day to all!!!

World Red Crescent Day Messages/Quotes

4. As humans, it is our duty to give our services to help the needy….. Let us celebrate World Red Cross Day by coming forward in good numbers to serve the society….. Warm wishes on Red Crescent Day!!!

5. World Red Cross Day is the reminder that it is the duty of each one of us to remember all those who gave all their lives in the services of the needy….. Let us take inspiration from those helping hands and do out little bit for the society….. Happy Red Crescent Day!!!

6. On the occasion of Red Crescent Day, let us take inspiration from all those who served the society in the times of need and be a part of this mission….. Sending warm wishes on World Red Cross Day to you!!

7. Each and every helping hand counts when the society needs the help….. World Red Cross Day reminds us to make our contribution to serve the mankind in our small way….. Wish you a very Happy Red Crescent Day!!!

8. On the occasion of Red Cross Day, let us come together to be more helpful towards those who are in need by offering our voluntary services when required….. Sending you warm wishes on World Red Cross Day.

Red Cross Day Slogan

9. With each helping hand, we can bring a big change in the lives of people around us…. Happy World Red Cross Day.

10. World Red Cross Day encourages all of us to do our little bit to the society as a responsible part of it….. Warm wishes on Red Crescent Day.

11. There is only one way to celebrate World Red Cross Day and that is by working together to make our society a healthier one….. Happy Red Crescent Day.

12. There is not just one day when we need to offer our medical services to people around us but we have that duty on us to do it every day….. Wishing you Happy World Red Cross Day.

13. Angels are those who offer their services to save the lives of others and World Red Cross Day is all about celebrating that spirit.

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  • Dharam singh rana May 8, 2019, 2:51 am

    Thanks redcross you help aal over the world you are the backbone of health services

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    God bless you all in all.