World Elders Day Wishes – International Day for Older Persons Messages

World Elders Day Messages - World Elder Day Wishes, Greetings - 1st October

International Day of Older Persons is observed every year on 1st October. This day is celebrated in order create awareness about the problems that impact elders and to do something for their welfare. It is all about telling the young generation to respect their elders because they contribute a lot to the society. Celebrate International Day for Older Persons 2023 by sharing Messages, Card Messages, sayings and quotes on elders blessings and sending advice from elders quotes to family and friends.

We bring beautiful thoughts on respect your elders. With these World Senior Citizen Day wishes messages and world old age day Messages, World Elder Day greetings, send impactful wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp to your loved ones.

World Elders Day Messages, Wishes and Greetings

1. They have always led our ways, they have always held our hands, they have always protected us, loved us and cared for us…. Now it is our turn to return the favours and make their old age a beautiful one…. Best wishes on World Elders Day.

2. Without their love, care and affection, we wouldn’t have been the same…. On the occasion of World Elders Day, let us thank our elders for giving us a beautiful life….. Happy World Elders Day.

3. As we grow young, we forget the contribution our elders have made to our lives…. Let us grow responsibly and always honour their love, time, efforts and affection by taking care of them when they need us the most…. Happy World Elders Day.

4. When we were young, they were always around, taking care of the smallest of our needs… Now when they are old, they need us and we should be there without fail…. Best wishes on World Elders Day.

5. Let us thank God for giving us the protection and love of our elders…. Let us spend time with them, love them and care for them because they are our strengths…. Wishing Happy World Elders Day.

International Day of Older Persons Messages 2023

6. You are so full of experience and you are so full of knowledge…. Without you, our lives are incomplete…. Happy International Day of Older Persons.

7. On the occasion of International Day of Older Persons, I find myself truly blessed with be surrounded with people like you who have so much goodness to share.

8. Wishing a very Happy International Day of Older Persons…. I really look up to you because you have aged with grace and priceless experience.

International Day of Older Persons Quotes

9. Age is just a number but a number that brings along so much experience and understanding…. Wishing a very Happy International Day of Older Persons.

10. There is nothing bad about getting old because you learn so much about life in the process of ageing…. Happy International Day of Older Persons.

11. I want to age like you because the charm, intelligence and grace you have got in this age is priceless… Happy International Day of Older Persons.

Elder Abuse Slogans

12. Once she was his pride and life but today she is taking away from him both.

13. Give your elders a chance to smile, a reason to live and a life they all deserve…. Respect them and love them.

14. If you don’t love and respect your elders then don’t expect your children and grandchildren anything.

15. To care for all those who cared for us is the best way to express gratitude and honour them.

16. Don’t leave a chance to pay debt to your elders….. Respect them and not abuse them!!!

Inspirational Quotes on Elders Blessings

17. Thank God each passing day for you are blessed with elders whose blessings are the reason for all your success and happiness….. Happy World Elders Day.

18. We all grow old but only some of us grow big…. Respect elders and you will always be moving ahead in life with their blessings and love…. Best wishes on World Elders Day.

19. They have always been around, even when we did not need them….. Let us be there for them at least when they need us…. Let us always have our elders bless us.

20. Blessings of elders work as protection for us, they help us grow, succeed, prosper because they come from within… We always need them and their blessings.

21. Today they are old and tomorrow we will be old…. Let us love them, seek their blessings before it is too late…. A very Happy World Elders Day.

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