Unique Funny Wedding Wishes Message for Best Friend

Funny Wedding Wishes Message for Best Friend

Weddings are incomplete without wishes and when it is your best friend’s wedding, it is all the more fun and entertainment. Funny wedding card messages are surely the most perfect way to wish your dearest buddy on this special day. Cute marriage wishes and short witty wedding quotes not just express your joy as a friend on the D-day but also add a dash of humor to the event. Funny marriage wishes in Hindi and English are a unique way of sending congratulation greetings to your best friend.  Find yourself funny marriage anniversary wishes to congratulate the new couple differently.

Have a look at the short humorous and witty wedding messages drafted just for your best friend and make his wedding more fun.

1. Marriage is not meant for the ones who are born with weak hearts… it is for people with strong head and heart and my friend, I know you are the strongest of all to have this relationship. Wish you a very happy married life… with all the strength!!!

2. Today is the day when the bride is going to say I DO and you are going to say I DO WHAT SHE SAYS…. And with this vow you will always be the happiest couple on the planet…. Warm wishes to you on your wedding…. May God bless you.

3. Marriage is the biggest adventure of life, nothing less than a war… you have to keep fighting to survive…. Warm congratulations to you as you are all set to enter this war zone and I wish for your survival…. Happy married life to the couple.

4. Today is the day when two bodies, two souls will become one…. Now it will be just one bed, one remote, one bathroom and one boss in the house…. Congratulations on finding your new boss and wishing you all the best for the new phase of your life.

5. Dear couple, you two are married for life but don’t let your marriage put an end to all the fun, late night parties…. You can still be funny and you don’t need to grow up…. Wishing you a very happy married life…forever and ever!!!

6. Why get married when you have more choices to commit suicide like jumping in front of the train…. Just kidding dear…. It is surely the most beautiful association and I wish you all the best to make it the best relationship of your life.

7. On the day of your wedding, I just want to tell you one secret of marriage… my dear friend, it is still a secret as no one has ever been able to find it…. Wishing you a Happy Married Life… enjoy surprises as they come. God bless you.

8. Marriage is nothing but a walk in the park but the park is Jurassic Park and the walk is an adventurous one with all the challenges and excitement on your way…. Wishing the newly wedded couple a wonderfully thrilling married life!!!

9. Welcome to the dangerous world of marriage where late night parties, hanging out with friends will be things of past and responsibility and coming back home on time will be the new routine…. Happy Married Life to both of you…. !!!!

10. With marriage, you are putting an end to your romantic love story and you are now going to begin you r adventurous wresting story…. I wish that your new story is as exciting as your last one….  Warm wishes to you on your marriage for a happy life together.

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