Unique Cute 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Cute 1st Birthday Invitation Wordings Ideas Kids

1st birthday of your kid calls for celebrations. It is an exciting occasion for everyone in the family as the baby turns one. If you plan to celebrate this milestone by arranging a special first birthday bash for your child then you need unique 1st birthday invitation cards Invite friends and family. Beautiful 1st birthday invitation wordings expressing your excitement and happiness on this day make invitations more warm. To help you with kid birthday party invitation wording ideas, we have come up with exquisite birthday party invitation wording samples.

Given below is a heartfelt collection of cute birthday invitation wording ideas which you can use to make your baby’s 1st birthday more special.

Kids 1st Birthday Invitation Wording

It is a party time…..
Our baby turns one and wants you to be a part of his celebrations!!

We invite you to come and join us
To celebrate with us as our little darling completes the very first year.

Our little princess is turning one
We had an amazing year full of memories and we want to share this special day with you.

Please come and join the celebrations as our prince is going to turn ONE.

With cakes and candles, fun and entertainment…. The little host will wait for you who is going to turn 1.

God blessed us with the most special gift a year ago
Now time has come to celebrate as he turns ONE

As he learns to crawl around, we know he is growing by leaps and bounds
It is time to celebrate his first year, with cakes, balloons and galore!!

Funny First Birthday Invitation Wordings

We are tired but we are excited to celebrate this day
We invite you to Arthur’s 1st birthday party
Join us to make it a memorable day for him!!!

After all the sleepless nights and hundreds of diapers
We have finally arrived at the first milestone
Come and bless Robert as he turns one.

Cakes and balloons, cupcakes and presents
They tell us it is time to have some fun
As Margret completes the first year

We invite you to toast with us to the year of nights without sleep
It is a great joy to celebrate the first birthday of Jose with his loved ones

The journey of 12 months comes to an end and calls for celebrations With balloons and cake, toast and wishes, we are all set to wait
For you to arrive, as Martha turns 1

After first crawl, first teeth…. It is time to celebrate his first birthday
Join us to make 1st birthday celebrations of our little prince more memorable

We invite you to celebrate with us the year of tickles and giggles of our baby
Come one, come all to 1st birthday celebrations in honor of Russell

Cute 1st Birthday Invitation Wording for Baby Boy

He gave us the most beautiful year of our life, loaded with his naughty acts
We invite you to celebrate his first birthday as he touches the first milestone!!

We want all those people who care for David to be around him
As he completes the 1st year of his life with your love and affection

No words can explain the pain of sleepless nights and nappy changing sessions
Today is the day of our achievement as parents to Arthur, as he turns 1

Tim is all set to blow his first candle and splash his first birthday cake
And he will expect you to be around him, cheering him
Will look forward for your presence on his 1st birthday

Turning one is a real achievement….. It is time to have the best party full of entertainment
Grace us with your presence as Marvel turns ONE

First Birthday Invitation Wording for Girl Baby

Time has come to celebrate the year of firsts…first word, first giggle, first crawl, first step
With our princess completing her first year, we invite you join the party wagon!!!

Today is the blessed day when Maria came into our lives
We would like to celebrate this day with our dear ones who are family to her.

The cake might have just one candle but we promise an evening of fun and frolic
With Mia completing the first year, it is time to cheer and party!!!

The time flew too quick and we did not realize
Samantha is a one year old girl and we have planned a surprise
To bring all her loved ones around her, on her first birthday

Our princess is all ready to enter the second year of her life
She expects you to wish her and celebrate with her the year of many firsts

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording for Twins

Double the giggles, double the happiness
Come to celebrate the day of madness
With our twins turning One
We promise you the best of the fun

Leave everything aside as the big day arrives
First birthday party of our twins is set to blast, all the sleepless nights we had in the past!!

Please join us to double our joys as our twins will soon be one year old boys
We expect you to be a part of the 1st birthday bash of the naughty kids we have.

Come to bless our little princess duo, as they turn ONE
Don’t miss the party as it is going to be the most amazing fun.

It was double the trouble but it was also double the fun
We invite you to the most beautiful birthday party as our twin girls turn 1

Choose from these birthday party invitation wording ideas, to send cute invitations to your guests. Weaved with beautiful words, these birthday invitation party wording samples are a big help.

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