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Thank You Day is the day to express gratitude towards people who have helped you in some way or the other. This is a sweet gesture which we often forget to express because of our busy lives. August 12th is celebrated as Thank You Day and it gives us the opportunity to show our gratitude to all those people who have been there for us when we needed them.

We are happy to share a beautiful collection of Thank You day messages with you. Extensive Thank You wishes including unique one-liner Thank You quotes and Thank You images with messages that are perfect to thank in exchange of a help or a gesture of kindness showed by your family members, friends or even strangers.

Read through this post to write your own innovative Thank You messages on greeting cards or WhatsApp or Facebook. Express your warm wishes to your well wishers to tell them that you care for them and these Thank You wishes are the best way to say it all.

This is an amazing collection of Thank You Day messages and expressive quotes which you can use to send Thank You day messages to family, friends and colleagues to simply thank them for being good and helpful to you.

Short and Sweet Thank You Messages | Thank You Day Quotes 2022

“I feel that I am really blessed to always have someone who had my back…. Thank you so much!!”

“Debts hurt the most but the debt of your love, care and affection is something I will never be able to write off.”

“A big thank you to someone who has always travelled an extra distance to make me feel extra special.”

“When I was stuck in the worst phase of my life, you came as an angel to help me come out of my web of problems. I thank you for all your support and care you showered me with. Thanks a lot.”

“Life is difficult but with people like you who are always there to offer their help, it becomes a lot easier. You came in my life like a blessing and I am really thankful to you for being so nice to me.”

“When I look back, thanking you for your assistance seems a very small word to me but I fail to express my gratitude in words. On Thank You Day, I take the opportunity to thank you again for everything.”

“I have often missed on being thankful for so many things you have done for me. Today, on Thank You Day, I express my deepest gratitude to you for being such a wonderful mom to me.”

“Dear friend, your support has been like a blessing to me when I was dejected and depressed. Thanks for being there for me, taking care of me and helping me recover when I badly failed.”

“Dearest Dad, on the occasion of Thank You Day, I express my gratitude to you for being such a wonderful father to me who has loved me, cared for me and guided me in every phase of life.”

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Thank You Greeting Card Messages

“It doesn’t happen often that you want to stop the time and feel the moment but it happens when I am with you…. Thank you for making me experience this.”

“Some people deserve a lot more than just a THANK YOU and you are one of those people because you do so much good to people around you…. Thank you for everything.”

“May be I am not very good with picking words, may be I am not that expressive but I want to Thank You for being such an amazing soul and an inspiring person to me.”

Thank You Messages For Friend

“To my dearest friend, I want to thank you for coming into my life and making it such a bright, beautiful and hopeful for me.”

“Without you, nothing would have been the same, neither me and nor my life…. Thanks for influencing my life in the most wonderful way possible.”

“I cannot think of anyone else other than you who inspire me like you do…. I am so thankful to Almighty for giving me an amazing friend like you.”

Thank You Messages For Family

“To my loving family, who has always stood by me when it was a beautiful sunny day and also when it was a dull and depressed one…. A big thank you to all.”

“The credit of what I am today goes to my family because without your love and support, I would have been a completely different person…. Thank you for everything.”

“You know that when your family is with you then you can conquer the world and I am very much thankful to my family members for believing in me.”

Thank You Messages For Colleagues

“A warm thank you to my colleague who has always motivated me to work harder and achieve me goals with a positive mindset.”

“To the colleague, who makes coming to office each day so bright and beautiful…. I thank you for bringing sunshine in my professional life.”

“You are not only a support in my professional life but also in my personal life…. You are that one colleague every person prays to have….. Thank you for everything.”

Thank You Messages for Boss

“Thank you to my boss who has been the best mentor to me, who has guided me whenever I was lost, who has supported me whenever I lacked confidence.”

“With a boss like you, working is double the fun, chasing goals is double the thrill, enjoying success is double the celebration….. Thank you for being a wonderful boss that you are.”

“Boss like you are rare and I am so blessed to have someone like you who has been a motivating, encouraging and supportive boss… Thanks a lot!!!”

Thank You Messages For Gift

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me such a wonderful gift…. I am very excited to use it.”

“There are no words in which I can thank you for the present you have surprised me with….This is truly the best gift I have received on my birthday.”

“I am very sure that you know me the best because your gift is something which only a person who loves and cares for you would buy for you…. Thank you so much.”

Thank You Messages For Support

“Each helping hand has the potential to bring the change….. A big thank you to you for all the support you have extended to me.”

“Without your support, this project would not have been possible…. With all my heart, I thank you for being such a strong pillar.”

“When I have a support like you, I know that I will succeed in everything I do….A warm thank you to the one who has made it possible.”

Thank You Messages For Kindness

“With small acts of kindness, we can make this world a more beautiful place to live…. Thank you for encouraging us to be kind to everyone around us.”

“Kindness is what we are born with and kindness is what we forget but people like you always inspire us to be kind…. Thank you so much!!”

“You are truly one of the greatest and kindest people I know because you are the one who would go any distance to do your good…. Thank you!!!”

Best Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

“Each and every birthday sent by you made my extra special…. A very big thank you for sending me your love and warm wishes on my birthday.”

“Wishes on birthday truly make it a wonderful day and your wishes were full of blessings and love…. Thank you for your warm wishes.”

“Without your wishes, my birthday celebrations are incomplete because without you my life is incomplete…. Thanks a lot for your beautiful wishes on my birthday.

Thank You Messages for Boyfriend and Husband

“There are no words to thank the man who work so hard to give our family a wonderful, comfortable and happy life…. A very big thank you to my dearest husband for everything.”

“Thank you to my loving and caring boyfriend who takes care of me like I am the queen of his heart…. Thank you for making me feel so special.”

“To my dearest husband, who makes this world so complete for me with his love, care and affection…. Thank you for giving me such a blessed life.”

Thank You Messages for Girlfriend and Wife

“I may not tell you but I am thankful to you for making each and every day so special for me with your love and care….. Thank you wife!!!”

“To the wife who completes my world, who puts her comforts and convenience aside for me…. Thank you for making each day so perfect for me.”

“Thank you to my dearest girlfriend who has accepted me with all my flaws and for loving me beyond conditions…. Thanks my love!!!”

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