Sympathy Messages to a Work Colleague

Sympathy messages to a work colleague

A work colleague is one with whom the work space is shared. A person spends most of the time of his or her life in work as most of the daytime goes on doing work with work colleagues. As such, on the death of a loved one of a work colleague one can send sympathy wishes and condolences to comfort the person on the loss. The sympathy wishes can be sent through cards or text messages.

For a colleague at work, show your sympathetic side by selecting from the below list of messages:

1). For my work colleague, I extend my sympathies for the loss of your father. I pray to the Lord to give you strength during this difficult time to overcome it soon.

2). Dear work colleague, sympathies for the loss of your cousin. I also send my love to be with you during this hard time.

3). Sending my sympathies for my work colleague on the death of the pet. Your pet was a superb companion and an irreplaceable one which would be missed terribly.

4). Through this text, I send my sympathies to my work colleague for the death of the loved one. I pray to Lord to give peace to the soul and strength to you and your family.

5). To my work colleague, extending sympathies for the illness you are suffering from. I hope the treatment works out well soon to bring you back to normal work routine with me.

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