Sympathy Messages for Marriage Separation or Divorce

Sympathy Messages for Marriage Separation or Divorce

Not every marriage lasts forever but when it ends in a divorce, it does bring along a lot of pain and sadness for a person. It is like a bad phase of life when a person craves for hope and positivity and in such times, sending divorce card messages with positive quotes about life is truly inspiring. If you have a friend or relative who has recently got divorced then you have these divorce messages to share with them to help them feel better. Send the divorce sympathy messages to the ones who are facing marriage divorce trails or have just got divorced.

Here is the collection of divorce sympathy messages, Quotes to share with the ones who are facing a difficult time in life because of their marriage coming to an end.

Sympathy/Condolence Messages for Divorce

When suffering in marriage is more than love, affection and care for each other then it is good for a marriage to end. I wish you all the strength to have a brighter and a happier future.

Marriage is a part of life and not a life. Though it has ended for you with a divorce but there is still so much to do in life that can bring you happiness and joy.

Divorce is certainly not good news but it is also something that puts an end to suffering for lot many people like you. May you get over this and find a new direction in your life.

It is always better to end a marriage than to drag it for nothing. I am very happy for you as there is a new life, a new beginning waiting for you. All the best for your future.

It truly came as a shock to me when I heard about your divorce but knowing how much pain you underwent in your marriage makes me happy that you are out of it. Wishing you good luck.

Sympathy Messages for Divorced Men

Sometimes despite giving it your best shot, things don’t work the way you want them to. Please accept my deepest sympathies on your divorce.

Having a marriage end in divorce is certainly something we never dream of but sometimes that is the best decision to take. May you find happiness and new purpose in your life.

This relationship did not work out for the both of you and together you called to end it. In these difficult times, you are there in my thoughts and prayers.

I pray to God to give you all the strength to get over your marriage and start a new life with positivity and hope.

Sometimes it is good to close the chapter of marriage to begin a new chapter of life. Sometimes it is good to look at the future and bury all the painful moments of past. It is time to move on my dear.

Condolence and Sympathy Messages for Divorced Women

The news of your divorce was a big shock for me but knowing that the relationship brought no happiness in your life makes me feel you did the right thing. Wishing you lots of luck for a new beginning.

It is certainly not easy for a woman to get over her marriage but when there are only sufferings in it, it is best to end it and move ahead. Please accept my deepest sympathies on your divorce.

Divorce is putting an end to the bad chapter of your life. I am very hopeful that you will start a new life with new hope and zeal. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.

In these difficult times, don’t think that you are alone because I am there with you, to help you in whatever ways I can. Always remember it is always good to end a bad marriage.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathies on your divorce. Sometimes difficult decisions are to be taken to secure your future and to give yourself a life that you deserve.

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