Example of Sympathy Messages for loss of Wife

Sympathy Messages for loss of Wife, Sample Sympathy Messages

Your wife is your partner for life and losing her would leave a void in your heart. Loss of wife is something that can shake every soul. If there is friend or a relative who has just lost his wife, you must send him warm sympathy messages to express your grief on this significant loss. Share with him religious sympathy messages to make him feel a little better.

Shared below is a unique collection of Sympathy Messages for Loss of Wife and Ex-wife. You can have these heart touching sympathy messages shared with someone who has just loss his wife.

Sympathy Messages for loss of Wife

“I know what she meant to you, I know nothing is going to be same for you after her…. But I wish that God gives you all the strength to move on.”

“She is not there with you anymore but she will always live happily, smiling in your memories…. And she would also expect you to always keep smiling.”

“To whom you love the most, they leave you with the biggest void in heart…. Your wife meant the world to you and she will always be your world as she will live in your heart.”

“My heart broke when I got this news because you two always looked so complete, so amazing together….But I am sure she is watching over you.”

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Sympathy Card Messages for loss of Wife

“She was one of the most beautiful persons I have ever known…. May her soul rest in peace and may God give you all the strength to bear with this loss.”

“She was your inspiration and your strength…. Let her be both even when she is not there… Live happily because she is watching over you from up there.”

“She came in your life so that she could fill your heart, home and life with love…. Don’t let all of this die when she is not here…. Smile because you love her.”

“She has been one of the most amazing persons I have ever come across and I know that her absence will always haunt you…. May you learn to live with his memories.”

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Sympathy Messages for loss of Ex Wife

“Though your ways had parted long back but she was still close to you because she was one of the most wonderful people…. She will always be missed.”

“It is very different to disconnect with someone and to have lost someone… May God give you all the strength to get over this loss.”

“Your ex wife was an inspirational and enticing human and she will always be missed…. She will always stay in our prayers and thoughts.”

“My heart completely broke when I heard about the demise of your ex wife…. She will always be missed for she was a woman of substance.”

Sympathy Messages for loss of Wife Christian

“May Jesus give you all the strength to recover from the untimely demise of your wife…. It is time to find her presence in her absence.”

“She was one gem of a person and her absence will reflect in each and everything you do…. She will always stay in our prayers.”

“It came as a shock to me and I can understand how big a shock it would have been for you…. May Jesus is always there to empower you in these tough times.”

“Losing your soulmate is truly one of the biggest pains in life and I pray to Jesus to always take care of you in these challenging times.”

Religious Sympathy Messages for loss of Wife

“When good people leave us, they leave us with many beautiful memories and also lot of pain in our hearts….May God bless her soul and may He bless you with the strength to face these times.”

“When you lose your soulmate, you lose a part of your life, a part of your heart… You and your wife will always stay in my prayers.”

“I know you are in deep pain now but this too shall pass with the blessings of Almighty…. Condolence of the demise of your wife.”

“Only death shall part us was the promise you two had made…. When she is not here, don’t forget to smile and be happy because she is watching over you.”

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