Sympathy Messages, Quotes for loss of Stepmother

Sympathy Messages for loss of Stepmother

If a friend, relative, cousin or any of your acquaintances has lost his stepmother then you write to him or her a heartfelt condolence messages or warm letter of sympathy for loss of mother because mothers are very special and close to heart. Share with him sympathy quotes for loss of mother or step mother to express your sympathies in a thoughtful way.

This post unfolds some of the most original and genuine sympathy messages for loss of stepmother. Send these condolence text messages and loss of stepmother messages to the one who is recovering from this loss.

Sympathy Messages for loss of Stepmother

1. I was deeply saddened to hear about your loss….. You and your family will always be in my prayers…. May the soul of your stepmom rest in peace.

2. In these difficult times, I just want to tell you that I am just a call away whenever you need me… I am always there for you and your family.

3. You stepmom was a wonderful lady… She was so full of love and life…. She will always be remembered because she has a special place in our heart.

4. She has left you with so many beautiful memories to cherish, so many moments that will remind you of her and give you strength to move on in life.

5. Good people often leave us very early but they surely leave us with many happy memories that always soothe our hearts…. Your stepmom will stay alive in our hearts.

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6. Memories are the place which help us visit the ones whom we have lost…. Whenever you want to meet your stepmom, think about her and she will be there with you, for you.

7. Moms have the most special place in our hearts and wherever they are, they always stay in our hearts…. Don’t let sorrows touch you because she would always want to see you smiling.

8. She was that person whom you could always depend because she was a pure heart and soul…. She will always be remembered as a great person.

9. In this hardship, my prayers are with you and your family…. May God give you all the strength to get over this loss…. May God is always there to give you strength and support.

10. Your stepmom was a great lady and she will always stay in our prayers and in our hearts….. She will always be there looking over you and your family.

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