Sympathy Messages for loss of Granddaughter

Sympathy Messages for loss of Granddaughter

For grandparents who have lost their granddaughter, they have certainly lost the most precious one in their life. The granddaughter whom they have seen growing up is no more is nothing more than a shock. To such grandfather and grandmother, send loss of grandchild condolence messages to express your sympathies. Share with them, warm sympathy messages and condolence quotes on losing their grandchild. Express it all with sympathy messages for loss of child.

Shared below is the collection of newest and most heartfelt sympathy messages for loss of granddaughter. Send these free sympathy messages to grandparents who have lost their grandchild.

Sympathy Card Messages for loss of Granddaughter

1. She was the source of all your happiness and all your smiles and she will always be because she will live in your memories…. May her soul rest in peace.

2. Your granddaughter will always stay in our thoughts and prayers…. May her sweet memories bring comfort and peace in your life.

3. In this time of grief, we pray to God to give you all the strength to face these difficult times and deal with this most hurting pain.

4. Hold tight to all the memories of your granddaughter because only memories are something that can give you the power to fight these times.

5. Please accept my deepest sympathies on your biggest loss…. She was your princess and she will always be a princess who will rule your heart.

6. My thoughts and my prayers will always be there with you during the most difficult times of your life…. May your memories with your granddaughter always stay fresh in your heart.

7. In these challenging times, there is just one way to find peace and happiness and that is by remembering the old and good times you spent with your granddaughter.

8. A grandchild is someone who brings eternal joy and happiness into lives of grandparents…. In her absence, don’t make a reason for your sorrows.

9. Always remember her smiling, always remember the sweet memories you have created with her…. She was truly special and she will always be special…. She will always stay in our prayers.

10. Our deepest sympathy on losing your granddaughter….. Keep smiling because she is looking over both of you and she would not be happy seeing you sad.

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