Silly Text Messages

Silly Text Messages

To make others laugh is the most difficult thing in the world and if a simple and short silly message can make it true, why not try it? Send the message with full of humor and fun, so that your close ones really feel happy, no matter what is the situation. When your loved one is in sad moment, then send a bursting sweet quote to him/her. The message has a magical power to make others laugh with your sense of humor. If you are searching for the best silly messages, then here we present you a unique collection of silly message samples that definitely go with your mood.

Silly Messages for Friends

Add humor in your friendship, because if you make your friends happy, it makes the bonding stronger. Send a silly message to your friend to enjoy a busting laugh together. Friendship comes with fun and enjoyment, so a silly message brings sweetness in your life.

“Whenever in your life if you fall, then you should not take it negatively; rather you can think it as the floor needs a hug from you. Try it; you may be happy in your life always.”

Silly Birthday Messages

Wish your loved one birthday in a different way that makes him/her smile. Rather going for the traditional wishes, add your sense of humor in it and give a loving surprise through the birthday messages. Send a silly birthday text and wish him/her happy birthday.

“It is your birthday, so I wish your all dreams turn true in this year and to get its instant result, you need to go to sleep now, so sweet dreams. Happy birthday.”

Silly Love Messages

Make your loved one happy with a silly love message. Smile and love stay together always, so send a message that makes him/her smile, which make your bonding stronger. Wherever your loved one is, your silly and romantic message makes him/her happy.

“If you feel suddenly your heart beat more than usual, if you feel someone steals your sleep, then do not dare to think you are in love, it can be your mental problem. Visit a doctor as soon as you can.”

Silly Away Messages

When you are in a long distance relationship, it is usual that your loved one feels sad. To make him/her smile, a humorous away messages is enough to tell your close one how precious his/her smile is to you. Express your motions in a silly way to cheer up your loved one.

“For a few days, I feel that my eyes sometimes get wet and the water drops fall on my cheek, I thought it is for you then I realize someone is peeling the onion beside me.”

Silly Messages for Boyfriend

Send a silly message to your boyfriend to give him a joy of laugh. No matter wherever he is, just a humorous text brings back a cute smile on his face. Before any exam or any challenge, your silly message makes him relaxed and cheerful.

“The true boyfriend never says no to his girl, even not for the shopping, marketing, and outing. I expect you to be true to me always.”

Silly Friendship Messages

Make your friend happy with a beautiful and silly friendship message and enjoy the smile together. Your message stays with him/her always that reminds your friend of yours. Express your well wishes through the words, but in a witty way

My friendship does not look back on yesterday as it is history; it does not also look forward to tomorrow as it is nothing but a mystery, my friendship lives on today, so I want a gift every day from you as it is called present.”

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