Silly Love Messages

Silly Love Text Messages

Love is a relationship that has many emotions, joy, smile, cry and happiness and sending silly messages to the loved one make the relationship even sweeter. There are many funny moments you share with your closed one and you can pen them down through the words to your partner. The message is about expressing your love in a different way. You can also send your best wishes to your partner through the silly messages.

Silly Love Messages for Him

Silly messages can be romantic, if you frame it in a beautiful way. Express your love to your boyfriend or husband through a silly way that makes him feel special to you. The words of the message express your emotion and silly messages are thrilling in the sense.

“The love that we have is unique as it has sweet and bitterness both. It is sweet when we share good moments and it is bitter when we argue, but whatever it is, I love you always and forever.”

Funny Silly Love Messages

A silly text message can melt the anger and anything and bring in love and nothing else. Express your humor and present your love in a light way. If you have any special memories to share, you can add this in your message.

“I love making you annoyed, but I know you are acting like you get disturbed so that I feel happy. It is your true love that gives you lots of patience to bear my nonsense. I am happy to be with you.”

Silly Love Messages for Wife

Silly messages are the best way to bring a charm in your life. The words of the message are meaningful and close to your heart, but it has a unique feeling to express your love to her. The message samples are funny and sweet.

“I have fallen in love thousand times, but only with you; everyday you seem new to me and I love you more and more. Be the same as you are, so I can say I have fallen in love million times.”

Here a further collection of silly love message samples is presented below:

“Whenever I see you, my heart misses its beat. You can save my life if you are ready to be with me. You take my heart away and in return, give yours; I will take care of it. Love you.”

“Love is a magic or madness, you feel peace in pain and your tear rolls down in your smile. When I am with you, life becomes more pleasant. Being together and always forever.”

“If others say love is priceless, for me it is you. If others say love gives smiles, for me it is you. You are everything for me and I am in love with you in day and night. Love you.”

“I love you is the truth of my life. In my dream, you always come in, but disappear with the morning. I love the darkness as I know it can hide us and our love from others.”

“My heart says to me to meet you and I step up, but take my step back. I want to say I love you, but, words cannot come out. Accept my love and make my life wonderful. Love you.”

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