Silly Messages for Friends

Silly Messages for Friends

Be it your friend’s birthday or any event, to make the environment delight, you can send a silly message. The messages are meant to bring smiles to your friend’s life and the words of the message are beautifully crafted. If those messages are taken in a light way, it can create a magic and charms everyone. You can add the funny moments of your friendship to make the message more loving. Through this message, send your best wishes to your friends, but in a funny way.

Funny Silly Messages for Friends

Friendship is itself a relationship of fun and happiness and you definitely share some good moments with your friends. Funny and silly messages for friends are designed to bring back those love moments of the past. The message cheers the mode.

“You are my sweet friend and sometimes I have fear when it rains, because science says sugars melt in water and you are sweeter more than sugar. So stay home when it rains and don’t go outside.”

Silly Messages for Friends on Facebook

Facebook has now become the medium to stay in touch with friends always and if you want to say something to your friends in a funny way, then post a silly message on your Facebook wall that gives smiles. You can draft your message the way you want.

“Read what is written on my Facebook wall, it says stick no bill. So my friends, don’t make my wall dirty with your nonsense comments and quotes. Keep it clean with your sweet thoughts and jokes.”

Silly Messages for Sick Friends

If your friend feels sick, you can make the mood happy with your silly message. Bring the positive note to his/her life through the words. The message is about wishing to get well soon, but in a funny and loving manner.

“Don’t think you are ill, but think it is your rest time and gain energy as much as possible. Take medicines, eat healthy foods and store power to spend it in the future. Be happy always.”

Here a further collection of silly message samples for friends is given below:

“My friendship is such that does not need any charge, always has the facility of free incoming and outgoing call and it comes with free roaming and the validity is for the lifetime.”

“Your friendship should be the mirror where you can see as the same way you are; don’t search yourself physically, but you are presence emotionally always with me. Love you.”

“We are always together in pain and in joy, in pass and in fail. We will be together always and forever. May we are away by miles, but you are always with me by emotion and love.”

“Life is short and to enjoy everything, God gives friends. I am lucky to have you and sharing my pain and smiles with you. Our friendship has no end and we are friends forever.”

“You scold me when I do wrong, you make me right when I make mistake, you praise me in my success and you make me happy in my cry. You are the true friend I have.”

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