Short Slogans on International Labour Day

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1st May is observed as Labour Day in India and various other countries. International Labour Day is the day dedicated to all the labourers around the world. On the labour day date, various events are organized to honour and celebrate the hard work of the labourers and workers. Sending Labour Day messages, wishes and best Labour Day slogans on Whatsapp and Facebook is the new trend.

Newest collection of Labour Day slogans in Hindi and English has been shared below. Celebrate International Worker’s Day with these inspiring slogans.

International Labour Day Slogans

“The strength of the nation lies in its labour force. Warm wishes on International Labour Day!!”

“There is nothing impossible for the labours. They know how to make impossible things possible.”

“Labours are the living example of hard work. They never surrender and are always working hard to move ahead.”

“No season, no reason can stop the labour from doing his job. His dedication and focus come from within.”

“Today is Labour Day, the day to honour the labour…. It is the day to respect their ability to work continuously and motivate us to work the same way.”

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Slogan on Labour Day in Hindi

“Labour ki mehnat aur parishram hi uski pehchaan hai.”

“Nirantar karya karte rehna hi ek labour ke Jeevan ka sach hai.”

“Hamesha aage ki or kadam badhate jaana, na thakna , na rukhna, yehi hai labour ka mool mantra.”

“Jo kisi kathinayi kea age na jhuke, na ruke, wahi hai ek karmath labour.”

Jeet se zyada zaruri hai mehnat aur lagan. Happy Labour Day.

Funny Labour and Workers Day Slogan

L”et us salute the labour of our nation which has always worked for the growth and success of our country….. Sending warm wishes on International Labour’s Day.”

“Relaxing on Labour Day is the right way of celebrating this day as labour works hard on all other days.”

“Hard work, dedication and skill are what make each labour an inspiration for all of us….. Wishing you a very Happy International Labour’s Day.”

“Labour is like a helping hand which helps in building a nation stronger….. Warm wishes on Labour’s Day.”

“Let us honor all the labourers and workers who are working day and night to build a country… Sending best wishes on Labour’s Day!!!!”

Short Slogans on Dignity of Labour

“Always moving forward with hard work.”

“They never get tired, they never sit back and relax because they are the labour!!”

“They may not have the power of money but they have the power to work hard.”

“Labours know the mantra to make the impossible possible.”

“Without labour, there is no prosperity, no success!!!”

Child Labour Day Slogan

“They deserve to play and study, they don’t deserve to be a labour.

Children are suppose to enjoy their childhood and not work like labourers.”

“Let us promise to not let the children waste their innocent days by doing things they are not meant to.”

“Child needs love and affection and is not meant to take orders.”

“Children are like flowers who need to be nurtured with love. Protect them and take care of them. Don’t let them lose their best days in labour.”

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