51+ Best and Catchy Child Labour Slogans For Children

Child Labour Slogans For Children

Celebrate June 12th as World Against Child Labour Day with heart touching slogans on Child Labour. Wish everyone around you with Child Labour slogans in Hindi and English and inspiring Child Labour slogans for students and children.

Newest collection of World Day Against Child Labour messages, Child Labour slogans and Child Labour quotes to send across on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Child Labour Slogans in English

Heartfelt child labour slogans to share with everyone around you. Have the most powerful slogans on child labour shared across. Post these child labour slogans in English on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to make everyone aware of this crime against children.

Studies and plays are what children are meant to do.

Happy child makes a country happy.

The future of the nation is in children. Protect them from child labour.

Saving one child from child labour can make a big difference.

Send them to school to study and not to factories to work.

Don’t kill their childhood but help them live it.

When they are suppose to be studying, they are working.

Let the children be children and not make them labourers.

They are meant to earn knowledge and not money.

If you are making kids work as labourers, you are a criminal.

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Child Labour Day Slogan 2023

Wish everyone with Child Labour Day slogans and greetings. Share the powerful slogans on Child Labour to make this day a special one. Send across Child Labour Day quotes and slogans to everyone around you. Have the most impactful Child Labour Day slogans in English shared with your family and friends.

Children deserve to play and study and not labour.

Don’t take away their childhood. Stop child labour.

Let us stand together with children on Child Labour Day.

World Day Against Child Labour Slogans

“Give them what they deserve…. Give them their childhood and not child labour.”

“Children are meant to be educated and not meant to be put into labour.”

“The best thing you can give your child is a childhood full of playful times and studies.”

“Children make the future of the country and child labour has no place in it.”

“Child labour is an abuse for which we cannot accept any excuse.”

“Each child deserves to go to school, to learn and have his own life.”

“Give in your child’s hand a pen to write his bright and happy future.”

Child Labour Slogans for Students And Children

“Childhood is the most special time and it must be spent playing and studying, not working!!!”

“Children don’t deserve to work… They must be expected to study.”

“A nation can become healthy with its children going to school and enjoying their lives.”

“Don’t let the child suffer because of adults who cannot take their responsibility.”

“Care, love and affection in childhood lay a strong stone for a happier and healthier future.”

“There is right age for everything and labour is not something meant for childhood.”

Slogans on Child Labour in English

“Make your child self-dependent by educating him.”

“Child Labour is a crime and we must stand against this crime.”

“A child needs our favour to fight for him against Child Labour.”

“Children are to be loved and pampered…. They are for sure not meant to be made labourers.”

“Let us fight for the birthright of every child- Education and childhood!!!”

“A child who is in pain can never have a life where he can gain!!!”

Child Labour Poster with slogan

There is no bigger crime than child labour. Happy Child Labour Day.

Taking away their childhood is the biggest offense.

No child deserves to become a child laborer. Happy Child Labour Day.

Heart Touching Slogans on Child Labour

Children lose everything when they become labourers.

Stop child labour to bring smiles on many faces.

Child Labour Day has no meaning if we don’t stand for the cause.

Poster on Child Labour with Slogan in English

Reporting child labour is one strong way to stop it.

Don’t let the children lose their childhood days. Happy Child Labour Day.

Children are supposed to be cute and not labourers.

Stop Child Labour Poster with Slogan

It is high time that we stop child labour.

Stop child labour and gift children their childhood.

Stopping child labour is not an option, it is a must thing to do.

Slogan on Anti Child Labour Day

Let us save their childhood. Happy Child Labour Day.

Child Labour Day reminds us of the poor child labourers that need our attention.

Celebrate Child Labour Day by putting a full stop to child laboring.

Catchy Slogan on Child Labour in Hindi

“Baal Shram ko nasht kar sabhi bachon ko ek naya aur sukhad Jeevan pradan karein.”

“Bachon mein bhagwan baste hain, lagte ache unke kandho par baste hain!!!”

“Padhna, khelna aur bachpan ka sukh paana, har bachhe ka haq hai.”

“Aaj ke bache ki kal ka bhavishya banenge…. Unko sanjo kar rakhein.”

“Jo desh apne bachho ki raksha karta hai, wo hi aage jaa kar phalta aur phulta hai.”

“Baal Shram jaisa koi paap nahi aur hum iske saath nahin!!!”

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